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15.08.2009 recovery

It is amazing when you suddenly realises again who you are and what you are doing..hehehehe..  🙂  surviving of the swine flu..  🙂 Coughing and feeling awfully lazy reminding you that the way to recovery is still a long one – up to six weeks until on the height of life again.. well, at least I am not infectious anymore when I will start slowly working again, which is scheduled for Wednesday.

So I spend my day relaxing, reading, taking a nap, enjoying my nice new fire place and the sound of wood burning down nicely – what a treat, just interrupted from cascades of coughing and sneezing.. Well, also paradise is not perfect.. I guess…. or it might depend on which paradise… the Christian one, or the Muslim one, or rebirth and nirvana as an alternative option?? Not sure, sometimes I feel tempted to keep all options open.. and to decide when I get there.. Hopefully I will have a chance.. 🙂

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HIV, AIDS and HOPE – thoughts of a Catholic priest

Being a Roman - Catholic priest and working in the fields of HIV and AIDS in Africa is often a challenge. Living in Africa has also its challenges. On the other hand I feel very much blessed having all the three. So you will find stories and reflections about my work, about the church, South Africa and Africa and essential information and developments in the field of HIV and AIDS. And in between personal stories and thoughts. You are most welcome to leave a comment or to get in touch with me - blogs - "thinking loud" so to speak is a ways of communication and exchange of ideas.

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