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21.09.2010 Travel

I traveled a lot this year, Europe and within South Africa – and I am just preparing for the next travels which will bring first to Durban and Johannesburg and in October/November to Europe before in December Johannesburg is again on the agenda.
I am always amazed to hear after my return: “How was your holiday”. It seems that many people connecting travel still only with holidays and it seems that being sometimes exhausted and feeling tired after arriving home is not an option. 🙂
I do enjoy traveling on one hand, but on the other hand it is meanwhile no fun anymore to spend so much time at airports with all the changing security measures. I love to meet new people but on the other hand it is indeed sometimes difficult to connect every day with new people in another city. Maybe one feels the “ying” and ‘yang” of traveling more when one grows older.
But what I still have maintained  is this curiosity to learn when on travel, to be curious about new situations and to draw conclusions for my own life when confronted with new traditions or habits. Travel makes life so much richer and that is worth every effort.

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Being a Roman - Catholic priest and working in the fields of HIV and social development in Africa has its challenges. You will find stories and reflections about my work, about the church, South Africa and Africa, about politics and whatever triggers my interest. You are most welcome to leave a comment or to get in touch with me. Blogging means to initiate thoughts and discussions and for the writer to formulate what is loosely running around in the heart and mind in need of being sorted and spoken out.

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