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South Africas progress in the fields of HIV and AIDS

Numbers tested
before June 2010: 2 million tests annually  February 2011 11.9 million since June 2010  target:  further expansion at village level from June 2011 

Health centres accredited to provide ART
before June 2010: 490  February 2011: 2205 target: All 4000 health outlets by Dec 2011

People receiving HAART
before June 2010: 923000  February 2011: 1.4 mill  target: 3 mill by 2015

Nurses accredited to prescribe ART
before June 2010: 250 February 2011: 2000  target: 4000 by Dec 2011
Source: NAM


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HIV, Development and HOPE – thoughts of a Catholic priest

Being a Roman - Catholic priest and working in the fields of HIV and social development in Africa has its challenges. You will find stories and reflections about my work, about the church, South Africa and Africa, about politics and whatever triggers my interest. You are most welcome to leave a comment or to get in touch with me. Blogging means to initiate thoughts and discussions and for the writer to formulate what is loosely running around in the heart and mind in need of being sorted and spoken out.

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