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Fighting the wrong fight…?

Following all the debates raging in and about the church in our days I more and more get the idea that we are fighting somehow the wrong fight. We fight with full force in the moment against lots of things: a piece of rubber, people loving same-sex people, women who want to determine themselves when they want to become pregnant and so much more…

I sometimes ask myself: Is that really all helping the cause of proclaiming the kingdom of the Lord? Is this really bordering God? Is this worth all the ink, the thinking, the fights, the condemnations, the money and energy spent to go against it?

Are that really choices made that we have to comment on, fight against, run whole campaigns, go to court and more? Is that what happens in the bedroom of somebody really of such great concern to God’s people on their way through the times?

Or should we not worry about other things: The unconditional love of God? The love celebrated between two people which means commitment? To strengthen the hope, the aspirations, the determination of every human being to live life to the fullest?
Should those, who feel strong about certain values not just live them as an example without the urge to force them on everybody belonging to the same congregation, denomination, religion, family clan or whatever bond?

Are our fights in between fractions of our church or certain liberal ideas fights fought to the glory of God? Or to maintain importance in society? Or regain the good old times of power and might? Or the longing for a perfect world, a sort of paradise brought into existence with human determination?

Lots of questions? No certain answers yet for me but I feel we all have to think about what makes us tick and act the way to do…

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  1. Thank you for verbalising what I too am thinking. I believe if each of us focus on the unconditional love of God, and for this reason uphold the worth and dignity of each person created by Him, much of the other issues will fall away.

  2. alivenkickn says:

    acrually . . . . as long as we are not in peace with ourselves, how can we expect to be – live in peace with our fellow human being?

    the “we” . . . “as long as i the person am not at peace with myself, how can i be in peace with the outside i.e. other human beings . . . ?

  3. alivenkickn says:


    your text ist full of “war methapers” . . . fight, full force, the good fighting the bad . . . which is who matters on which side you re on . . .

    The unconditional love of God . . is a man made concept what he belives or think god might have menat it woult be . . . .

    ghandi once said that as long as we keep on fighting within our(inner)self we will not live in peace with others

    as long as we are not in peace with ourselves, how can we expect to be – live in peace with our fellow human being?

    • Thanks for the comment. There is indeed a battle raging in our church about moral issues – from the US nuns to moral theologian being disciplined for voicing different opinons than the offical church. It seems that we regressing instead of developing. Many reasons for that…
      The unconditional love of God means that everybody has dignity and basic rights, nobody can take. I hope this is not a man made concept but part of the fabric of being human.
      You are right, as long as we fight within ourself there is no peace with others… I guess that is one of the basic conflicts within our church right now..

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