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Thanksgiving Day – some maybe unusual thoughts

A day of joy and celebration with family and close friends – Thanksgiving Day is a big day in the USA and the Macy’s driven parade in New York a classical destination for locals and tourists alike. Not sure though that this year Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with an open heart by all invited to do so. Trumps’ America does not give a lot of reasons to celebrate – the swan song of an old white and racist macho era embodied in this president hurts many – “ars moriendi”, the art of dying is celebrated by him in the most cruel way possible.
But maybe exactly this is to celebrate – that the ugly face of a time where racism was silently tolerated or even promoted; a time where sexism and indecent behaviour or rightfully named sexual misconduct was overseen and ignored at will has been unmasked and from the abuse scandal in the Roman-Catholic Church to those in Hollywood are laid bare open for all to see. And all the denial takes a last stand represented by this white womaniser in the Oval Office – but even for him – at the end – thanks to social media – no place to hide anymore.

There is power in the digital revolution – giving the man on the street new weapons with recordings via cellphones and other devices.  Power to the people and power by the people – the slogan has taken on a new meaning in our age and time. But the discussion in the USA about Russian meddling into the last election, the fake news all over the world show the danger which always goes with advances in the hand of human mankind.

Here in Africa we celebrate the advent of a new era for Zimbabwe – Uncle Bob has finally resigned and also here: at the end there is no hiding anymore. And listening to all the enquiries taking place currently in the South African parliament  – screen shots of whats-app messages play a role and the time where politicians could act at will without being caught is getting less and less. Well, I am not blind to the fact that there is still lots under the radar, but it is getting more difficult to avoid public scrutiny and keep dirty little secrets behind a cloud of power. In South Africa the Guptas and Zumas are learning it in the moment the hard way…

This is indeed – even counting all the dangers coming with it – a reason to celebrate and enjoy thanksgiving day this year with our US American brothers and sisters. To celebrate the end of a chapter in history and the advent of a new era which will change the way we live, we think, we organise us and we do politics. I am sure that there is lots still to come which we haven’t even anticipated when we started the digital revolution. Living in such times of upheaval is a blessing as it opens up new opportunities to grow as a person, as a faith community and as a society. True, there are also sacrifices to make – but you can’t have light without shadow.

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