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13.07.2010 Confusing day…

It is indeed a confusing day… 9 out of 10 we got for the world cup organisation from Mr  S Blatter.  Our president promises that the lessons learned during the preparation will be brought now into action when it comes to health, education and other burning issues. At the same time thousands of non South Africans fleeing the country, threats, some death foreigners, some shops looted – but officially no xenophobia.

This is the time  most South Africans were afraid of – even during the jubilation and celebration of the Soccer World Cup 2010; they were afraid of the “days after”.  The start of these days is definitive bad news for the country – problems can only be solved when they are admitted.

Fleeing people back to Zimbabwe means also for many to stop treatment, to lose their medical support – it has more consequences than to be seen on TV. Let’s hope for a some good news in the next days…

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