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10.09.2009 Thursday morning

I just got into the office and thought it would be nice after all the evening notes to write one in the morning. A new day is laying ahead of me – blue skies, sun – a beautiful spring day in Cape Town. A dentist appointment is the only misery ahead this day as I hate dentists. Dentists are associated with discomfort and pain. But on the other hand: isn’t pain not part of everybody’s life and is pain not a catalysator for growth very often? How many painful lessons we had to learn in life? Sometimes so painful that we thought we will never make it through; only to discover that we were stronger and more mature afterwards. Well, if this thoughts are not helping while sitting on this hot chair later, I will just try the “ohm” meditation…

Meetings with a representative of a bank is also painful – the fees are high, the service standards are very low, the ignorance concerning the client is breathtaking. Still a long way to go before the attitude is changing. I also have to phone my security firm again. 5 phone calls, a reference no, numerous emails and the result is as you would not be existing. ADT shows a service delivery attitude which is mind-blowing as well.

The volunteer of “weltwaerts” promised to finalize the webpage of HOPE Cape Town today as he will leave on Saturday and wants to take off tomorrow. He is good, but also good in waiting until the last minute, wondering what went wrong… Amazing youth.

I have to visit the post office as well today, LH Miles & More really emailed me to enquire about the right address to deliver their card. Amazing and a double plus for them. The first time in 8 years. Well done!!

And in the evening I will have my farewell dinner with the pastoral community council members and their partners. I invited them to the Mediterranean Villa, our guesthouse and community center for a Asian style dinner buffet. I am looking forward to it, as they have been really marvellous over the years, supporting, helping, and just being there for the community and for my own sorrows. So the evening will most probably end on a more somber note of farewell and “time to say good bye”.

Last but not least I have to pack my stuff – tomorrow I am flying to Durban for a farewell weekend in my second community in Durban. Also a very special crowd and I am looking forward to meeting them.

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