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24.05.2010 a burning taxi…

Another story accompanying the “Ball of HOPE”. As the ball starts, two tables are empty – those of our very own employees, the HOPE Community Health Workers, as we call them.  They arrive late and quite exhausted… What happened? Two taxis were ordered to bring our employees to the Westin Grand Hotel. One taxi caught fire before leaving – and we are lucky that nobody was hurt or killed. The other taxi had no petrol…  South Africa 2010…

Today the owner apologised and promised to return back the deposit of money. This is the least he can do. For me it is amazing what all sells in South Africa – surely he was aware of the conditions of the cars he offered for good money. There is still a long way to go before ethics are established in this business sector – a sector, millions of people depend every day.

Thanks to Hardy for assisting in finding a way to bring all our employees back in one piece… – but surely, for them the eve was more stress than enjoyment.

Otherwise this day saw the new budget draft for HOPE Cape Town, a discussion with senior staff about their portfolio and a meeting with a website design company to discuss improvements on our HOPE Cape Town website. In the afternoon signing of a contract with the “Abenteuerhaus” in Germany to committ to the World AIDS Awareness Expedition II in the coming year. Watch the space… 🙂

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