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07.11.2009 First day in office and a final letter …

A first day in office after all my travel, and as it is almost every time the case, first one has to sort out all the papers brought with me from the trip – and just have a look through all mails, emails and requests waiting for my arrival.

It is a vast to-do-list I have made today – but I am sure when I work through Saturday and Sunday, I will be able to start fresh into the new week – at least almost fresh.. 🙂 There are so many encounters with people, I still have to work through, so many challenges and obviously a good time-table and organisation of work is a must.

Tuesday we will have HOPE Cape Town planing meeting – then I know better what kind of travel I will have next year – with the Okeumenischer Kirchentag in Munich, Vienna World AIDS Conference, Hope Gala Dresden and Berliner Aidsgala as well as the Bundespostivenkonferenz,  meetings regarding the Charite Exhibition and a further meeting in Rome with the papal council there seems to be lots of travel ahead. I hope that I am able to coop with all the demands. But the circle of friends of HOPE Cape Town is growing

Today, my previous headquarter of the Kath. Auslandssekretariat der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz, the office dealing with the portfolio of German-speaking Catholic Communities, has given me notice, that they will cease taking donations for HOPE Cape Town. It seems that only the priest in the community counts – not the rest of the parish. The chairperson of the Pastoral Community Council is at the same time Chairperson of the HOPE Cape Town Association management – the project is not a “Stefan Hippler” initiative, but was an initiative out of the community – and HOPE Cape Town was until now a proud parent of HOPE Cape Town.

I will accept the ruling, why should I start arguing again – but I find it sad, that a clearly marked project which has identifiable links to the church and to the Cape Town German-speaking Catholic Community has now to rely on another way to channel the money and issue tax-deductible receipts. Thanks God I saw it come and the HOPE Kapstadt Stiftung can do all that in Germany. Nevertheless, I feel sad while another indication is sad, that personal dislikes of  one or two members of the Auslandssekretariats staff influence the donations stream for very needy people.

Evaluation of the higher legal interest would have done the trick.

But so, from February 2010 there will be no possiblity to send donation to HOPE Cape Town via the German Bishops Conference’s office of the Kath. Auslandssekretariat.

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19.08.2009 After the meeting….

Meeting done with the Archbishop and it was a good meeting. But there is still a formal way to go until a final result – so patience is once again asked. Hopefully latest at the end of next week I know the result and know, how my working life will develop. Patience is not one of my best virtue, but exercising it might do me good.. 🙂

This evening community council meeting, the last one in my capacity as the chaplain if transition is going smoothly; I hope for the best, say my little prayer the eve and wait…
But I am still optimistic that we will find a solution fitting the situations and the needs of all involved in this process.

It was a tough year which then hopefully draws to an end with a good decision and some productive work ahead. But now back to relaxation for my H1N1 stressed body before leaving again for town and the meeting. We have good people constituting the community council, they are really supportive and able to help guiding the community. So I am indeed looking forward to seeing them.

At the end stands the realisation how much damage a mean person can produce sitting high up in the hierarchy and playing with people as others would play the chess game. But the bible said that God is writing on twisted lines straight. Lets hope and see…

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