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17.10.2010 Travel..

To travel is not easy in our days, and the amount of data given to the travel agent and finally to the airline is much more than one can bargain for. The same applies when one wants to transfer some money from one country into another. Amounts of questions why, to whom, where….. and so on.

An orgy of data collection again and again – it seems that government and institutions which should serve the people rather have decided to rule the people. Sometimes there comes the glimmer of an idea that we are indeed running into an Orwell’s imagination and that we have to take care, that our civil rights, the freedom generations fought for, are not sacrificed on the altar of fear, even state organised fear to justify the control over every individual.

Great Britain is surely an example for observation a la paranoia – in London, one cannot move without being followed by a camera. It is amazing that the context of some men in the mountains of Pakistan are the pretext to scale back freedom of movement and much more. It becomes indeed scary.

All this also contributes to keep the world as it is – to justify that those on the sunny side of life make sure it stays like this while others will never have a chance in life. It denies people at the end human rights, it condemns countries to stay on the not so splendid site of life. It is a welcome reason for keeping people in poverty and dependency and darkness, where all the shiny words of political meetings and summits taste as shallow as they are.

In our global world everything is interconnected – one only never has time to think carefully about it.

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