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New Year Resolutions..

It is always the same at the end of the year to formulate resolutions for the new year, only to abolish them quicker than one can spell them out. For the last years I have done away with resolutions as they went the way into nirvana latest end of January.

This year is somehow different – it seems that the resolutions are more in depth -maybe also because being far away from home and experiencing Christmas and the New Year’s Eve with a crowd not familiar with on a cruise through the Caribbean Sea. So daily life and daily struggle was far away and despite being in demand by all the people trying to flee the Christmas sentiments there was time to reflect life and come to conclusions.
Realizing how much one is lived on a daily base, how much one is busy to run with all the expectations of people around oneself it is maybe time to be once again more “myself”.  Discovering yet again the one living with yourself since birth. Refusing to be bend according to protocol and demands of those around you. Feeling again the roots one has developed over times and not to be afraid to speak out – and let ago – depending what is called for.

Not being afraid to live the life one is called for – seeing the beauty and the beast in oneself and accepting that both are part of the deal. And being myself also means to be able to coop with all realities coming along the way – encountering those along the way in true fashion and honesty, embracing life to the fullest without getting lost in the process.

2013 will be a good year – and the resolutions may last for the whole year and open up new possibilities.. I am looking forward to this year and wish all readers the blessings needed to grow in love, faith and hope.

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The burden of travelling

Most people like traveling and I have to admit, most times I also like traveling too. The airport controls can be unnerving – but having no cell and no internet for a couple of hours is relaxing – well it seems that it is all coming back into the cabin of new airplanes. Traveling brings you in touch with other traditions and cultures, simply with other realities which might sometimes be strange, sometimes funny, but always good to know. And here the burden starts: Who at home to share the new knowledge and experience with? How to implement it into daily life? Does really anybody in the closer vicinity wants to know how things have changed for you? Does it really fit into the settings you are living in? And when it comes to my church – it is even worse as the word “relativism” is very quick used to bring downfall to different perspectives and their approaches. How much do I wish sometimes that all people could share in the diversity of the world and yes, how relative the way is, we are living in our small little world and that there as so many alternatives which have the same value than our solutions and habits..  Sometimes it is a burden to think broad and diverse…

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31.08.2009 A normal Monday…

What do priests do on a normal weekday, as they normally only work on a Sunday, as I hear again and again.  Well, just to tell – at the office at 7 am – reading all emails and answering most of them – then at 8 am brief meeting with the secretary to oversee the work to be accomplished today. After that some phone calls, and the preparation of a talk, I have to give in two weeks time in Durban about “lay piety and religious discipline”. That takes me almost to the middle of the day. In front of me still the first sketches of the sermon for next Sunday, where I have to preach @ the Lutheran Church. HOPE Cape Town also requires still some attention and two meetings outside the office are still due to take place this afternoon. In between some unannounced visitors and the day is complete.

Leaves me at the end of the day with a brief lookout for tomorrow – meetings the whole morning with different people – and giving a talk to a visiting group in the afternoon, followed by a dinner with the group in the evening.

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