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I am a preacher since many years, but since quite a time, I am asked to put things into writing – culminating in the book “Gott-AIDS-Afrika” 2007 with the journalist Bartholomaeus Grill. And I discovered that writing also can be powerful – equally not easy like preaching. One has to prepare, to think through, to be able to tell a story, to catch an audience – and sometimes simply deliver some facts or comment on a development in a meaningful and fair way. A couple of weeks ago I was asked whether I could contribute on a permanent base towards “explizit.net”, which tries to bring as a Catholic Internet portal a variety of news to its readers. All more than just plain news, rather some insight into happenings in church, religion, politics and society.
i agreed and try now in my way to contribute that German-speaking people can understand more the happenings of Africa, with a fous of Southern Africa. And I discovered that writing also helps me to look more in-depth, to think more about events, to investigate further and so to come myself to a deeper understanding of the matters.
So far, I looked into the AIDS conference in New York, wrote about the Libya crisis and the response of the AU and reflected on South Africa’s draft secrecy bill. A piece on the re-election of Julius Malema is in the making and might be online the time this blog is also online. And not to forget HOPE & JOY, the initiative of the Jesuit institute close to Johannesburg honouring the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the 2nd Vatican Council.

And I discovered interesting reading from others contributing to the website. Much better reading then I am used to from some of the other so-called Catholic websites,which are mainly acting as the defender of a long-lost faith construction. So, well, if you are in for it: http://www.explizit.net – worth registering 🙂

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