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20.05.2010 At the airport again

After a day of preparation for the Ball of HOPE 2010 I am now at the airport again to fly to Johannesburg. Meeting a friend in the eve to catch up and tomorrow morning a meeting of the working group of the SA-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Then back to Cape Town for a pre-talk regarding my participation at the talk-show “Bei Beckmann” the week after.  In the eve a farewell party for close friends leaving to take a post in Bangkok.

At the airport I again and again notice how bad the SAA staff is trained, hardly able to handle any complaint or request – resulting in a mixture of unfriendliness and left in the dark. So we will not win the hearts and minds of those few coming to watch the Soccer World cup. SAA you can do better and instead of financing all the sports nonsense, give training to your staff and optimize what is called “service”! Don’t follow LH in this regard…

Before I left this morning I had an interesting interview for RTL on HIV and the impact on South Africa – an invite to join a TV session in Salzburg next Tuesday arrived, but not sure I can manage that.. Why don’t get priests a flight licence as part of their studies????

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29.08.2009 Sometimes I ask me…

.. why I really want to live in South Africa… Seriously, then my bloodpressure is going up. And it is not only the traffic, those impossible ways of driving a car, especially while raining…
This morning I wanted to buy a desk for my new home – went to a furniture store – Lifestyle living –  in Claremont – got my desk, all forms filled out, delivery agreed.. and then the company refused to take my European credit card from LH Miles & More. Their policy, so the manager and later the lady from the headquarter in Ottery, would say: no European credit cards.
I will on Monday contact my lawyer to get this company….  Why do I have a credit card? To pay worldwide without needing cash. What does MasterCard advertise? Being able to shop worldwide without hard cash. Why the hell do South African companies discriminate against European cards? It is a chip card, the most secure system we have in the moment.

I also heard today, that DSTV is refusing payment via internet with a foreign credit card. Computermania has the same policy. It is time to stop that. I guess,  I lawsuit and a nice compensation, payed towards a charity like HOPE Cape Town teaches those companies a lesson.  The arrogance and ignorance of those companies, managers etc is incredible. Which reminds me that Incredible Connection also has the policy to photocopy all foreign credit cards – both sides… nice way of opening fraud all doors.

And LH Callcenter South Africa does the same. I spoke to the LH Miles and More Credit Card legal department and they confirmed that the practice of Lufthansa Callcenter Cape Town is unlawful. Nevertheless, the call center continues to act in this way.

I must admit that I am sick and tired of such attitude and unlawful behavior, but first this furniture company on Monday..  time to stop that nonsense.

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