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08.09.2009 Tuesday eve…

It seems that in the moment I am only able to write something is in the evening hours. Well, once again a day full of work and lots of thoughts are going still through my head. At the management meeting of HOPE Cape Town I once again realised how diverse we are in the moment. We contemplated about the participation in a project of the Fraunhofer institute in Germany. They are building a moveable container lab – and we should, together with the NHFS and the University – and who knows else – participate in the realisation of the project here in South Africa. The truck is impressive big and long, the figures are going into the couple of hundred thousands of Euros – and there we sit and contemplate – no, not the state of the art laboratories, not the possibilities what all to test, not the funding – no: one of the first concerns is: how can this long vehicle reach or get through a township. There we mostly don’t have streets like in Europe… The spontaneously solution: Rather ask the institute to build two mini versions…  Well, we will see,  decision is to get all stakeholders around one table soonest and to discuss it in detail…

The code of ethics for the employees – what kind of bonus, is somebody allowed to enjoy chewing gum during work, what kind of disciplinary measures are appropriate and in line with the South African labor law. The sangoma muti pharmacology research, who is doing the application for funds? The 150 people wanting to do something good in January 2010.. how? Debriefing matters…  the recent concerts in lieu of HOPE Cape Town in Germany, our H1N1 sick team secretary, questions of food supply for parents in the ward, the HOPE Cape Town car which is growing older and older and need a replacement – where to get the funding.  Preparation of the annual report and the AGM, the SETA approval for our training.. and… and… and..

So intensive and diverse – time is flying and one feels somehow exhausted after so much time of consideration and decision making. But we have wonderful senior staff and great HOPE Community Health Workers. They are our assets – representing HOPE Cape Town in 16 township communities – and soon, two more HOPE community health workers and a container will be the latest addition to the HOPE Cape Town family.

I am looking forward to have more time for HOPE Cape Town from October onwards. And I know I will enjoy what I am doing as much as I do enjoy what I am doing in the moment. What is more to say on such an eve?

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07.09.2009 Monday eve…

Monday eve – a long day draws to an end – and still emails are coming in (thx blackberry – which sometimes is rather a curse than a blessing) – it seems never to stop. At least I got my preparations done for Durban, where I am due to fly on Friday for the farewell weekend and service. Since 2002 I had the pleasure to serve also in Durban for the German speaking Catholic Community and it was a real change being there four times a year to meet my fellow compatriots with their families. Durban is so much different than Cape Town, very Indian with the biggest Indian population outside India in one place.

A talk, a farewell mass, a baptism, a welcome to our church, confirmation and a braai as well as a dinner are on the programme for the weekend – a priest never sleeps when the parish sister is called Sr. Agnes coming from “Oberoesterreich”… 🙂 Always busy, never a dull moment. I will miss the people, their friendliness and their openess.

But until Friday is still some work to do.. tomorrow is management meeting of HOPE Cape Town and amongst others we will discuss our “code of good conduct” for all our employees. A very important topic – as one grows as an organisation, there is a need for some rules and ethic behaviour codes.

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25.08.2009 A long day…

A long day draws to an end, filled with meetings, paper work and the management meeting of HOPE Cape Town. It is amazing to see where we are at now after 8 years of work.  Academic research and grass root projects are filling the agenda, and the question, whether one can do an outing during Ramadan, as we have employees of Muslim faith.
The discussion shows how sensitive the issue is – and that during Ramadan, some Muslims want to refrain from social activities.
The group of employees had decided nevertheless to do the outing – but this discussion will be surely a focus point during the time to discuss different cultures and resulting expectations. It also shows that it is necessary to keep a calender with all important religious times to give space to the needs of those taking religion seriously.

After two years, all HOPE community health workers are going for two days away, for most of them it is a real break from daily life and the daily struggle. But it should also be an opportunity to debrief our men and women at the forefront of our work. It is amazing with what they all have to cope with: work, sometimes very poor working conditions, extended families with all the problems, own kiddies and those of the sisters and brothers and so on and so on…

41 HOPE community health worker have been employed by HOPE Cape Town during the last 8 years, most of them have climbed the latter at a certain point, well trained the Province of the Western Cape has snatched some away and promoted to good position within the health system. HOPE Cape Town becomes more and more a starting point for people, who seriously want to get involved in heath issues and community work, based at the respective primary health care facility.

The two hour management meeting is full of proposals, requests, lots of decision are taken which will be implemented in the next days and weeks from our staff. It is amazing, but you go home with the feeling that you really can change the world a little bit.. at least here in South Africa, here in the Western Cape.  Great stuff!

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