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I guess for those you knew the situation well enough, the downgrading of South Africa to “junk status” came at no surprise. A cabinet reshuffle at midnight, ministers axed not informed directly but learning it from the TV news does not indicate a rational and honest move of a president reflecting on his actions.
The knives are out – and once again history shows that a liberation army styled as a political party will fail the people ungraciously if the transformation of the structures which were needed during the struggle does not happen in time. The desperate attempts to quell the public dissent within the ruling party is witness to the unhappiness within and the tweets of government to stop civil society to voice their opinion adds a more comic note to the very serious situation.
South Africa can fall into the trap of inner conflict and anarchy if the stalemate between those who want to rectify the situation and those whose greed and / or ideology clouds their judgement is not resolved and decisions are made to get out from this road leading to nowhere.
It’s not only the president who has to go – all his cronies and blind followers from Gigaba to Mbalula, from Dlamini to Mtambi have to be relieved from their duties to rescue the situation. I think the most hurtful matter is that a black majority feels the disappointment that their own people failed them greatly. This generates automatically defenses which are not helpful in the situation and one should be reminded that worldwide liberation movements are bad politicians in the first and sometimes second generation.
The dream of the rainbow nation seems so far away for the time being, but not everything is lost. There are millions of people who are willing to work hard to change the situation and to make the peaceful transition in 1994 a permanent feature; radical economic transition will follow if radical does not mean corruption and entitlement but good school education, adequate university studies and the equal chance of everybody to develop entrepreneurial skills as well as the chance to climb the career ladder because of skills and not of skin color.  As much as one wishes for a quick transformation – if it should be sustainable it must be the result of hard work and not gifts and badly handled BEE.

Times like this call for all citizens to organize and assist government to develop a society. NGO’s play a vital part in this scenario and I hope and pray that HOPE Cape Town can play its role in this unruly times. Making sure that health service delivery is maintained on a dignified level may for some be not the first priority, but I believe that only the concert of all playing their particular part in times of uncertainty can bring a society through those times into a more stable period of living in the new South Africa.

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01.06.2010 Chaos Day…

Monday, 31.05.2010 – somehow a very intense day: Waking up to the news that Israels attempt to stop some vessels trying to deliver food to Gaza are stopped the heavy way: deaths and injured people and cries from all corners of the world complaining what many call state sponsored terrorism. And I must admit that I agree: Attacking boats in international waters with such a result has to be condemned in the strongest terms.

Hours later declared our German President his immediate resignation – what a symbolic act of defeat: In a time, where politicians in Germany and in Europe are not able to come up with one meaningful solution to stop the derailing of capitalism, where politics struggles to re-gain its position to put a framework in place for economic development – where there is one crisis after the other and nobody dares to tackle them honest – at such a time the German President – as banker part of the derailing process in the earlier times and in the last years trying to speak against it – steps down because he feels that he is too much criticized. Wow – that is a real shock for Germany – and it showcases that there is no solution in reach for all the problems.. But this is also

All this has obviously consequences to the talk show I was invited to join – forward and backward and at the end the talk show is tapped and will be aired next Monday – so there is time yesterday eve to discuss the retreat of the German President.

The talk show is going well, obviously my previous “no-show” is part of the discussion and I am not willing to cover up again. Truth is spoken out – not sure the person responsible for the “no-show” will like it. But that’s only a brief visit in the past – the situation of South Africa, the impact of the Soccer World cup 2010, the HIV pandemic is the main focus, followed by the anniversary of 50 years “the pill”. The father of the pill is part of the discussion – and suddenly the situation gets very lively when it comes to question of creation and of ethics and what we are allowed to do and not to do..

After the show still some time for further discussion, the Minister of Health of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern invites me and I have to admit that this province is completely new to me.. I never have been there before. Well, a reason more to pay a visit at the end of the year.

A long day draws to an end – full of news, excitement, concentration, discussion, meeting new people – full of life in all facets. For those interested: The talk show will be aired on Monday, 7th of June at 22h45 ARD German Television (Bei Beckmann).

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