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HIV vaccine completes phase I trial

The time-course of an immune response begins w...

The time-course of an immune response begins with the initial pathogen encounter, (or initial vaccination) and leads to the formation and maintenance of active immunological memory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes there are good news one comes across while doing the early morning snatch on news on the internet  – news which just give this ray of hope. This one is certainly giving this ray of hope, even if success is still in the dark and not guaranteed. It’s about a vaccine, called SAV001-H, the result of a collaboration between Western University in London, Ontario, and Sumagen Canada Inc. In a randomized, observer-blinded, placebo-controlled study, the team examined the vaccine’s safety, tolerability and immune responses in HIV-positive adults between the ages of 18 and 50. And guess what: no significant adverse side effects discovered during trial period and researchers found that, following vaccination, the antibody against HIV’s p24 capsid antigen increased by a factor as great as 64 and the antibody against the virus’s gp120 surface antigen rose up to eightfold. These levels remained raised throughout the year-long study period.

This is good news on several layers: First of all there are people out there working on a vaccine and don’t give up. Second there will be now trial phase II. And there is an invitation attached: “We are opening the gate to pharmaceutical companies, government and charity organization for collaboration to be one step closer to the first commercialized HIV vaccine”, so Jung-Gee Cho, CEO of Sumagen.

Well, let’s support such efforts by all means possible.  And if one is interested to read more on the subject click here.

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In the press…

There are two new articles of interest, one describing advances in a therapeutic vaccine, the other reports an interesting observation which could lead to a new approach regarding functional cure.

Cure: Curious Cohort on early treatment – read here
New HIV Vaccine is safe – read here

Another piece I found is the letter of a HIV positive mother, writing to her healthy future grown up son confessing her infection. A letter full of emotions and truth – read here

Enjoy reading!

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Interesting articles from all over the world

AIDS awareness in Chimoio

AIDS awareness in Chimoio (Photo credit: tonrulkens)

Another shot on interesting articles to broaden the view on HIV and AIDS and all what comes with it.

What’s wrong with World AIDS Day asks David Phillips and he has his very own thoughts about this international day. To read it click here.

This is one of the photos making headlines in the early days of HIV – giving it a grim face and showing all the suffering. It is shocking, but shows where we came from and what treat it is if the virus get’s again out of control. Click here.

Confession of a HIV vaccine trial candidate is another interesting story and gives an insight in a HIV negative person prepared to assist in such a trial. Click here.

Enjoy reading and have a great day.

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In between: interesting news from around the globe

This are different links leading to interesting and important news in the field of HIV and AIDS. Sometimes it is important to see, that there are encouraging news – even if it does not happen today or tomorrow. HOPE is the motor of life.

* HIV Drug Delivery Patch in the Pipeline

* R.I.P. HIV

* Legal matters: AIDS Is Not an “Automatic Death Sentence”

* Cure Watch

* HIV Therapeutic Vaccine Shows Signs of Promise

* Gold Drug Shows HIV Eradication Potential

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