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16.01.2010 Ode an … BKK :-)

My holidays are coming to an end – and once again I feel sad to leave Thailand – and sometimes I ask myself why I am so fond of this country and especially of Bangkok, the capital.

Maybe because Bangkok is in so many ways a symbol for me: an unbelievable moloch which can swallow you without warning. Bangkok is crazy, mad, silent, noisy, dirty, clean – there is surely no characteristic not found in this city.
Thai smiles – I love them and have learned in many years, that one smile can have so many meanings – what seems to be the same is in reality so divers, so full of different reasons behind one expression. A welcome smile, a loving smile, a killer smile, a sorry smile – it is not easy at first to read it correctly.
Bangkok is for me a city which is always different as it seems, one can never believe, what one sees, because there is always a surprise behind the corner. My Thai friends are incredible loving, chaotic, charming, unorganised, full of surprises as well.
Nothing seems to be impossible in this city – it is the master city of deception, of illusion, of anything you can think about.
It is a marriage between blank modernism and the believes of the ancestors. Worshipping the old deities and the modern times – making the best out of a day, sanook, filing the disaster for tomorrow to enjoy today.

Bangkok is a city to learn about life, about love, about fantasy, about death, about karma, about compassion – you name it – and you will find it.

Is Bangkok perfect? Nope, not at all – and in this perfect imperfection lies the miracle and the fasination of the city of the angel. Maybe that is the real reason for feeling home: city of the angel – I never though about it… :-)))))))

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05.01.2010 Holiday blues…

Staying on holiday so far away from home has two disadvantages: The first is that people forget that there is indeed a time difference and that phoning me in the evening means waking me up after midnight. Well, one might say, that one could simply switch off the cell during night – and yes, that’s right. But – and this is the second disadvantage: climax points of disasters and worries happening normally especially, when one is far away – so one is needed the most, when one is far away… Or is that only my fantasy?? 🙂

Nevertheless, Bangkok is starting to fill up again with people and cars and noise; normal life has come back to the city of angels. And checking the news I see our president dancing the Zulu wedding dance in full leopard outfit – his third wife, not to count the divorced one and the deceased one – and it is mentioned that he is already engaged with future wife number four. And it comes to my mind what that all means to fidelity in marriage – and the concept of marriage as we Catholics have. Not to mention that his now third wife has already three kids – so sexuality must have been practiced before marriage. Which is obvious for most Africans, as after paying the lobola the couple is allowed to engage in sexual activities before the wedding ceremony – old African traditions – once again – what does this mean to the more Eurocentric view of Catholicism which puts sex only into the marriage.

Here in Bangkok I am reading in the moment a book about katoeys – the third gender in Thailand – and once again I asked myself, what does the existence of such a third gender mean in the framework of Catholic moral theology.

So not, only sleepless nights, but also so many questions and so little answer…  And all this has indeed also to do with the topic of HIV and AIDS and how we approach it.. Well, I still have more than a week time to find some…  🙂

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21.07.2009 Just “be”


Sometimes we only have to sit somewhere and see the beauty of the things around us.
In the hectic of our daily struggle we forget, that there are so many enjoyable things to see or to do in our surroundings.
Don’t forget to sit down today for a while and just enjoy your “being”
Flower @ Wat Po / BKK 2009

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