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Second week in Germany

Time is flying and I am already for 10 days in Germany. The BUGA, talks in St. Augustin @ the SVD seminary (Steyler missionaries)  and the KHG Aachen (Catholic Students Society) – visits to the Kath. Auslandssekretariat der DBK (German Bishops Conference), the German AIDS Foundation, meeting with individuals from church and NGO background and some interviews – sometimes it is difficult for me to exactly remember the date or the number of the hotel room while coming for breakfast in the morning…

Tomorrow I will be in Wuerzburg to meet with G. Stich from the Missionsaerztliche Institut – and then seeing other people before rushing on Friday morning at 6 am in the morning to be in time at a school in Ueberlingen to spend a morning with students. Friday afternoon I am expected in Freiburg and Sunday in Munich. Time is really flying but until now the talks have been beneficial for the cause of HOPE Cape Town or the RC church – new ideas and new perspectives for the work in Cape Town are being formed in my mind and as it looks I also will do pastoral work for the cruise-liner industry once in a while, organised by the Kath. Auslandssekretariat of the DBK.  A new task adding to the variety of my work portfolio.

So until now even the German weather cannot dampen my good mood and spirit and I hope for productive days ahead.

A place where loving couples express their love in a different way - Cologne

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16.11.2010 Cologne

It seems that to travel by car in Germany is no fun anymore – the famous “Stau” is taking over the roads and the idea of traveling without speed limit is just a fiction – construction work and bumper to bumper realities destroy any attempt to get fast from one place to another. Nevertheless, I arrived in Cologne, and the last week of my travel for HOPE CPT has started. Four meetings are scheduled for today – no big fundraisers but people sympathetic to the project, some with new ideas, some looking for an exchange of ideas. And this is as important as meeting big sponsors: those who are doing the support with less money but a lot of ideas and moral support; those who are interested in the development of HOPE Cape Town in all ways possible without having millions of Euros or dollars at their disposal. HOPE Cape Town needs both to develop – sponsors, activists, moral supporters – and the network of all those together are the power of HOPE Cape Town.

This is specially felt in a time, where HOPE Cape Town is in the process of being re-structured. Positions will change and we will streamline the top to serve better of the portfolios meanwhile developed. Hopefully from March 2011 a full-time director will run the day-to-day business – management will transform to a board meeting less frequently as used to be. HOPE Cape Town is now becoming an adult – next year we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our organisation HOPE Cape Town Association and 5 years of the HOPE Cape Town Trust; the HOPE Kapstadt Stiftung will be by then 4 years in existence.

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