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Exercise and HIV


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Even HIV can be combated by highly potential medication, there are indeed many side effects which a person living with the virus has to deal with. Within all the tools to reduce such side effects, going to the gym and exercising is one of the most successful one to keep body and mind in shape. To get some tips how and what to do best, read the article from Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel here.




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16.11.2009 New week starting

At 6 am I am up and running already this morning, too much is waiting for me today. The first hours I spend writing the next pages for a book to be published with the University of Trier. I was asked to contribute 15 pages on HIV and AIDS and slowly but surely the first 10 pages are done with an overview and some insights about the pandemic in Africa. Then a meeting with a parishioner from my previous German-speaking parish in Durban – time to have a coffee and catch up with his and my life. I always encouraged the people in Durban to phone when they are in Cape Town and to meet for a coffee and a chat. It is so important to stay in touch, specially when “your” community lives two flight hours away from you. For me it is nice to see that they still phone and pop in – even after I left this working field.

Afterwards meeting with the management board of the HOPE Cape Town Trust to prepare for the AGM later this month. There is always much to consider and to prepare to have a successful meeting with the whole board of trustees.

Answering emails and scheduling meetings is my current task – this week is so full, it is amazing and I have difficulties to pack into the week a bit of gym to release tension and to do good to my body. Later this eve I will visit friends to have a good “Linsensuppe” – a real good finale for a full day.

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