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05.09.2009 Spring is coming..

Spring is coming to Cape Town – I can feel it as my hay-fever kicks in again and keeps me sneezing all the time. Despite that it is a marvellous time and simply to enjoy the warm sun today was magic.

It was a quiet Saturday so far – well, not that quiet as my godchild was on visit, together with Mama and sister. I can report that all Buddhas are still in one piece, all keys are back to the place they should be and all other furniture and items back to the known places… I admire parents who are so patient with their kids.. I guess I am too old for this kind of fun all day long… 🙂

It is the first day after a really hectic week – and even the promise to my doctor to work only half to give my body the chance to recover from H1N1 was in jeopardy all times. Yesterday I was informed that your secretary from HOPE Cape Town was hospitalized with severe H1N1 and our virologist @ HOPE Cape Town management is working day and night with the authorities to prevent the epidemic to spread – not really with a lot of success.

Used this afternoon to work on the “employee handbook and code of good conduct” and some other items to be used for the administration of HOPE Cape Town. It is amazing how one gets caught up in all this administrative things when the amount of employees is rising. You cannot avoid it. I believe that being good organised and clear on the rules and regulations it helps to keep admin problems at bay most times.

Tomorrow we will have our ecumenical encounter, visiting as the German speaking Catholics the German speaking Lutheran St. Martini community. I have to preach and hope that my sermon will at least enlighten one of the visitors.  Afterwards cake and coffee and some chats before heading to a Jazz concert and a reception by the German Consule General, who just arrived in Cape Town.

Yesterday evening I met with a fellow priest and friend and at the end of the supper I had to put on record that my first Sunday without the German speaking Catholic Community in October  is already filled with the celebration of 4 services in Milnerton and Brooklyn as a supply priest. It seems that my way to holiness does not allow for one weekend without mass here in Cape Town.

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19.08.2009 Meeting…

After several postponements I will meet today the local Archbishop of Cape Town to discuss my future. From outside it might look easy, but CIC, canon law, can be very tricky.
The German Bishops Conference has ended my contract. But at the end, only the local bishop determines the end of my assignment in conjunction with my local bishop. My successor was presented to the Archbishop in Cape Town. He must formally appoint him, without it, no visa and no work here. He has not done it as I write this.
To make things more complicated: Bishops must put in their resignation with 75. If accepted, life stands somehow still in a diocese until a new bishop is installed. Archbishop Henry has reached the 75 and put consequently in his resignation. If it is accepted – there is a further problem, because my successor cannot start work until the installation of a new bishop. So everything would be stalled for a while or longer.

I hope to get some clarity about the way forward during the meeting and to know first hand, what will happen with me. There is still some weeks to go…
And after the meeting back home and continue recovering from H1N1…  Life is never boring… 🙂

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18.08.2009 Getting better…

Getting better is not that easy, and it comes in small little steps forward like in real life. H1N1 is only reluctantly leaving the body. More days to stay home, read a book, sleep a lot and gain more energy. In South Africa, the 6th person now officially died of swine flu – but statistics here are somehow to take with a pinch of salt. Most tests are done only when people are dead…

Amazingly young people die of the disease – and in the townships there are funny stories about how to prevent the flu. I spoke with a black guy yesterday and he told me, that his doctor told him not to eat any meat – the only way to prevent catching the flu. And if you get it, you die within 9 months. A lot of information for the broader public is still needed and the price for a testing should come down. 700 Rand for a testing which takes 5 days to get a result – this is ridiculous and does not help – the patients are either better or death…

Well, for me, it was an experience and I try now to gain weight again. Next Sunday is coming and I want to be  present in church again.

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17.08.2009 time is running…

6 weeks to go in my old “job” – and still no decision taken about a new portfolio.
“Survived” the H1N1 flu and on the way to recovery.. will take some time…

So life is flowing slowly along with lots of coughing and sneezing. But it is also nice to have some rest, sitting in front of the fireplace and just relaxing and let my thoughts go where ever they want to go. I cannot remember when the last time I took a real time out from work to spend a whole day at home. Amazing… and good.

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14th HOPE Gala Dresden

HOPE Gala Dresden - the event to be in DresdenNovember 16th, 2019
57 days to go.

Ball of HOPE 2020

Join us @ The Westin in Cape TownMay 23rd, 2020
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