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Believe it or not – it’s Lent…

Other than Ramadan it seems Lent is becoming an almost invisible time of the 1.2 billion Catholics in this world. Putting the sweets or the alcohol away is rather driven by diet than religious consideration and besides those going to mass every Sunday and seeing the purple of the priests stole it seems that this marked time has little impact on this world.
I think this is a pity as times like lent could be a collective “breathe deeply” – and I am sure it those 1.2 billion do this on the same day – it would have an interesting impact. But as the church until now was obsessed with bedroom questions and dogma – such liturgical times slipped through as unimportant. There seems to be change in the air and as the jewel of social teaching starts shining and overrides the impression of religion as a strict moral institution there might also be more conscience about the treasure of special times in the church year.
I would love to see lent as a time where the rush of life slows down and words and judgements are ceased to be on the forefront. Lent could be a time of collective reflection on what is important in life and whether we really serve the one and only purpose church can have: showing that God loves everybody unconditional. Dot. Not more, but also not less…  I can tell you miracles would happen again on this earth…

A joyful Lent to all of you!

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17.02.2010 Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday and a remarkable full church service in the morning with the pupils of the Holy Cross Primary School in Brooklyn and parishioners. The students had prepared papers were they put on all their misbehavior which were burned during the service. We transformed – so to speak – the guilt into ashes and used it to receive the sign of the cross. Ash Wednesday as the starting day of Lent – a time of reflection, because God has called us to do better as we are in the moment. We are called to listen to our vocation again, and bringing our life in order.

It is not about the chocolate or the 4 kg we like to lose over the 6 weeks – fasting in lent has not its purpose in itself but can only be a symbol for conscience to be developed about how life is treating us and we are treating life. It’s not about ” us sinners”, but us human beings, who need once in a while to clean our compass of life to find the right direction again. In this sense is lent a very important time.

I wish all and everybody a great time of lent and so many new discoveries how life can be even more worth living to the fullest.

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