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Man and woman having anal sex. Ceramic, Moche ...

Man and woman having anal sex. Ceramic, Moche Culture. 300 C.E. Larco Museum Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The internet is a source for lots of information, but sometimes it is difficult to find the ones one is interested in or looking for. Here a choice of topics which crossed my virtual desk this week:

Rectal issues are normally not on top of the reading material, but the write-up about HPV (human papilloma virus) is not only interesting but also important for those engaging in anal sex: Read more in clicking the following link .

Staying with anal intercourse, which is by the way also surprisingly common in heterosexual relationships (to avoid pregnancy) I saw an article dealing with cleanness and another has the headline:    Insert Discourse: Rectal Douching Among Young HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Men Who Have Sex with Men in Vancouver, Canada

Remains on this unusual topic to mention the website of IRMA (International Rectal Microbicide Advocates) which you can access here.

In the fields of research there is an interesting read about HIV fighting itselfGroundbreaking vaccine research reveals more clues about HIV is going into the same direction.

Great Britain is warned about the rise of faked condoms and on another note Paul Kawata (Executive Director, National Minority AIDS Council USA) reflects on Martin Luther King and his impact on the struggle to beat HIV.

And I end of with an article full of hope: PrEPing for the end of the HIV/AIDS epidemic by Phill Wilson. He is the president and CEO of the Black AIDS Institute, the only National HIV/AIDS think tank in the United States focused exclusively on Black people. I had the pleasure listening to one of talks at the World AIDS Conference in Washington – an indeed inspiring man.

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