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HIV-1 Gag

HIV-1 Gag (Photo credit: AJC1)

There is so much information floating the internet regarding HIV and AIDS and I spend quite some hours per week just going through it all to see what is new and what kind of developments are important for activists and doctors and patients. Here now a variety of links to interesting articles of the last week:

The first one is rather for doctors and it deals with resistance of HIV. It is about fusion inhibitor and optimizing a medication so that resistance is not an issue anymore.
Journalmed: Neues Anti -HIV -Peptid ohne Nebenwirkungen und Resistenzbildung (German) click here
American Society for microbiology (English) click here

The second one is about the laws of Missouri, which make every HIV positive person per se a criminal click here

The third is for those interested in research and deals with the  simulation of maturation of the virus click here

The forth and last for today is about the story behind the story: Reporting on HIV click here

Enjoy reading and learning more of the world of researchers, activists or people affected by or infected with HIV.

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