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20.11.2010 Companies as sponsors…

Meeting with major sponsors is one of the major focus points while traveling in Europe. And it is one of the more tricky matters. Many people think it is easy: Someone wants go give money and someone wants to have money – that’s the deal.
But in the world of serious NGO’s there is more to it: Does the sponsor fit the projects objectives? What is the motivation? What is the reputation of a sponsor? Are sponsor and project able to go together in the next years to come?
HOPE Cape Town is taking sponsorships very seriously – companies which want to commit for a couple of years must fit the objectives of our project and must accept and support our mission statement. There must be a sort of relationship and for us from HOPE Cape Town it is important that someone of the company is able to visit and see by him/herself what HOPE Cape Town is all about. We are proud of our sponsors and they should be proud of the work we are doing.
At the end, money is not everything – only when there is a real partnership, sponsorship is making sense for me.

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04.12.2009 Small and big donations…

In a recent email I was advised that my blog contains sometimes too much about big events raising money for HOPE Cape Town and obviously as a consequence  too little about the small events and the single donors. And reading the remarks I must admit: Yes, one hears definitely more about major fundraiser events and almost nothing about Mr X or Mrs Z.

For me it was and is always clear that there is no “big” or “small” sponsor per se – every Cent, every Rand counts and makes the life of another needy person better. Everybody contributing to HOPE Cape Town does whatever he or she is able or willing to do – and that is in every case highly appreciated by us from HOPE Cape Town. We have once off donations, regular monthly donations, donations resulting from weddings, funerals, birthdays or bigger events. In every case there is a thoughtful mind behind it, a great intention – a willing mind to see the need of others and act on it. Every Cent, every Rand is a gift, a miracle – and we are grateful.

Surely on a blog, one reflects on the days events – and bigger events have more exposure – because I am involved more time wise and I reflect on my work and my involvement or what comes to my mind seeing a situation.

I also donate ones in a while – for different causes; give here and there and it is never mentioned anywhere – but I never had the feeling of being a second class donor – the opposite is the case: do I read about somebody given for the same cause much more, I feel joy that others have the same ideas, find the same important and add to it.
Obviously, there must be a recognition – we from HOPE Cape Town have published in the last years on our website always all names we have had on our sponsor list – I admit that nothing is 100% perfect and we do miss out names; we try to send out a thank you letter every year to those, whose address we have (and given the SA post office – some got surely lost in transit) – in other words: we try our best to recognise everybody as much as we can.

Improvement is always possible – if readers have ideas about the balance of recognition between small and big donations – please let me know: I am eager to learn.

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