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As always in between some articles I found worth reading and sharing with my readers:

We hear so often that the fight against HIV has been already won, especially in Europe: read on that the article “European HIV response “falling behind” as Eastern European epidemic grows

Truvada as PreP – especially in the gay scene a hot topic – read the approach of J. Bryan Lowder in “Twenty-one attempts at swallowing Truvada

Money for HIV related NGO’s is getting more difficult to raise – some thoughts about the “HIV Dollars drop” …

We all know about HIV – well, that seems not to be true especially for European countries, read about the British public and the knowledge of people under 30 years of age being “in the dark

Poor weight gain and mortality” in resource limited environments – especially for Africa a topic to consider seriously.

Most HIV infections are past on by “younger gay men unaware of their infection” , are not on treatment and have an ongoing relationship – interesting read

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20.11.2010 Companies as sponsors…

Meeting with major sponsors is one of the major focus points while traveling in Europe. And it is one of the more tricky matters. Many people think it is easy: Someone wants go give money and someone wants to have money – that’s the deal.
But in the world of serious NGO’s there is more to it: Does the sponsor fit the projects objectives? What is the motivation? What is the reputation of a sponsor? Are sponsor and project able to go together in the next years to come?
HOPE Cape Town is taking sponsorships very seriously – companies which want to commit for a couple of years must fit the objectives of our project and must accept and support our mission statement. There must be a sort of relationship and for us from HOPE Cape Town it is important that someone of the company is able to visit and see by him/herself what HOPE Cape Town is all about. We are proud of our sponsors and they should be proud of the work we are doing.
At the end, money is not everything – only when there is a real partnership, sponsorship is making sense for me.

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