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Second day in Munich with quite some contacts. Meeting with representatives of the Bavarian Staatskanzlei and discuss matters interesting for both sides. Lots of phone contacts and a discussion for a participation on a brief documentary piece for German TV. Preparation for the meeting tomorrow with the Kath. Stiftungsfachhochschule as well as some sponsors and politicians. Emails and other correspondence are waiting for replies. All in all a full day and a great beginning for the third week. This trip is a blessing indeed and I appreciate the talks, discussions, encounters and communication because it shows that HOPE Cape Town is on the right way and still attractive to many supporters and sponsors. But it is much more than only the question of money – it is good to see that people engage with South Africa and its problems, that they really try to understand our situation @ the Cape of Good Hope. The political turmoil within the ANC, the Malema Saga and much more is of concern for those who want to support South Africa and its NGO’s. So for me this trip is not only about HOPE Cape Town but also about being a bridge and trying to explain the situation which looks from far away so different from the one we living in South Africa can see and experience every day.

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14.05.2010 Ecumenical church day II

Breakfast @ 7 am already with Steffi, donor, initiator of a fundraising trip, which brought Constance, our first HOPE Community Health Worker to Germany when the International Prayer Day focused on women in Africa.
Then a brief cab ride to the “Staatskanzlei” to meet with Dirk Brand from Cape Town and State Minister Schneider and others driving the partnership between Bavaria and the Western Cape. We are a bit late as the taxi driver is not sure, where “his” government resides…  The Bavarian House during the Soccer World Cup 2010 but also the general political and social situation in South Africa as well as the question how to involve the local churches more into the partnership are further topics to be discussed.
Luncheon then with the Vice-president of the Bavarian parliament and his wife before heading to the international trade centre again to meet with Bishop Stephan Ackermann for an intensive talk on various subjects.
A brief walk through the halls to have at least a clou what organisations are all participating before the radio broadcaster of “Hessen” are waiting for a live interview on “sexuality and moral theology” in our days.
With all the “meet and greet” in between it is late evening, when we arrive back at our hotel to have dinner, reflect the day and then it’s time to rest – the next day will have its own challenges.

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