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20 years HOPE Cape Town

Almost unnoticed in our times of Covid-19 and the struggle of survival for many South Africans, HOPE Cape Town celebrated its 20th anniversary. The pandemic did not allow for a big celebration, but an hour of reflection and celebration at the Westin Hotel in Cape Town brought so many memories to the forefront.

Started as a small organisation to assist doctors at Tygerberg Children’s Hospital in the battle against HIV and Aids in 2001 nobody could envision that 20 years later a full-fledged entity with currently 40 employees working in 12 different townships, at Tygerberg Academic Health Complex and on our campus in Delft “The Nex – Indawo Yethu” plays an important supportive role for many in the Western Province.

Not envisaged was also the expansion of portfolios from HIV/AIDS to a more comprehensive health care, to Early Childhood Development, Youth, vocational training and entrepreneurial skill’s development; meaning a holistic approach.

All this would not have been possible without the help and assistance of so many crossing the path of HOPE Cape Town in the last 20 years. It would not been possible without the current sponsors, supporters, friends and allies.

And it will not be possible to continue successfully without an expanded HOPE family and a network of supportive friends from all over the world. The current situation in South Africa needs an even more determined service and approach to make development not only possible, but also lasting. Especially, the next generation born now requires a meaningful base and a safe environment to fulfil the dreams of those who fought for the new democratic South Africa. After all the blunder and corruption happening in our days, after all the stealing by the so-called connected hurting the poor and contributing to the collapse of our educational system we require the synergies between honest leaders, civil society and NGO’s to create this space of hope.

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Opening of the Bavarian House in Delft

The #Bavarian House at #The Nex-Indawo Yethu in Delft, was officially opened by Western Cape Premier Alan Winde and Matthias Boddenberg, CEO of the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce. Thank you to German Consul General Tanya Werheit; MECs Tertius Simmers, Sharna Fernandez, Debbie Schafer, Ivan Meyer and Deputy Speaker Beverley Schafer for your presence and ongoing support. We missed our Bavarian friends from the Bayerische Staatskanzlei – per video, represented by State Minster Melanie Huml. We hope to see them soon in #SouthAfrica #hopecapetown #hopekapstadstiftung #hopecapetownusa #thenexindawoyethu #bavarianhouse #sagcci #partnerships

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14.06.2010 Raindrops keep falling on my head…

Monday morning in Cape Town – and rain is pouring like it will never stop again. In the midst of all the rain and the cold wind we are standing in Blikkiesdorp and later in a neighboring township to shoot for the Mittagsmagazin of the ZDF, German Television. After a family visit and a walk trough the area I am completely wet to the skin, but the film crew is happy with pictures and content of the interview. Thanks to Angela and Yasmin for supporting this rainy adventure.

From there back to the office to organize myself for tomorrow – sports and HIV is the topic of a workshop. I met with Prof Juergen Beckmann yesterday already, Dean of sport sciences of the TU Munich. We spend the day partly with the Bavarian delegation visiting Manenberg and later Mfuleni. In the evening I join members of the Bavarian delegation at the Bavarian House (Artscape) to watch the soccer match between Australia and Germany. What a game.

In the moment we are negotiating still with Tygerberg Academic Health Complex the visit of a Isagauer Trachtengruppe wanting to perform for the patients at Tygerberg Hospital and then framing the signing of the memorandum of intent between the University of Stellenbosch, HOPE Cape Town and the Technical University of Munich. Dr. Pritzl from the Bavarian Staatskanzlei will also be joining us for this important occasion.

Lunch with a fellow priest in between to discuss certain matters arising for the more church related work. A video conferencing with Germany in the eve will end of this very busy day – and let’s hope for less rain for this eve when Italy is playing in Cape Town their first match.

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14.05.2010 Ecumenical church day II

Breakfast @ 7 am already with Steffi, donor, initiator of a fundraising trip, which brought Constance, our first HOPE Community Health Worker to Germany when the International Prayer Day focused on women in Africa.
Then a brief cab ride to the “Staatskanzlei” to meet with Dirk Brand from Cape Town and State Minister Schneider and others driving the partnership between Bavaria and the Western Cape. We are a bit late as the taxi driver is not sure, where “his” government resides…  The Bavarian House during the Soccer World Cup 2010 but also the general political and social situation in South Africa as well as the question how to involve the local churches more into the partnership are further topics to be discussed.
Luncheon then with the Vice-president of the Bavarian parliament and his wife before heading to the international trade centre again to meet with Bishop Stephan Ackermann for an intensive talk on various subjects.
A brief walk through the halls to have at least a clou what organisations are all participating before the radio broadcaster of “Hessen” are waiting for a live interview on “sexuality and moral theology” in our days.
With all the “meet and greet” in between it is late evening, when we arrive back at our hotel to have dinner, reflect the day and then it’s time to rest – the next day will have its own challenges.

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