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HOPE Gala Dresden 2010 – photo reflection

The pictures cannot reflect this great evening – thanks to all supporters for a wonderful eve – fun and doing good at the same time. Thanks to Saxonia Systems, Andreas Moench and Viola Klein and her team as well as the HOPE Kapstadt Stiftung.

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Udo Lindenberg @ HOPE Gala Dresden

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27.07.2010 Some impressions from Tuebingen…

it’s scary to be screened in big…

Tuebingen July 2010 – Herman Hesse Award of the Udo Lindenberg Stiftung for young musicans and launch of a two year fundraising assistance for HOPE Cape Town.

It was an experience to share this eve with all those who combine their showbiz business with a good cause. It was amazing, thrilling and scary at the same time… but a great event for HOPE Cape Town.

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26.07.2010 Frankfurt Airport

Arriving at Frankfurt airport. A long and intensive weekend draws to an end. Udo Lindenberg and the Panic Orchestra in Tuebingen – an experience on its own – a different world for a priest, but I learned to know great people. Amongst others Claudius from the group “Karat”, Marit und Arno and many more… Also being on stage to launch the fundraising drive together with Udo is special – one can only imagine the kick, a rock star gets on stage in front of thousands of screaming and waving fans. Well, one would wish that reaction after a sermon…hehehehe 🙂

Lots of talks, planing and a night at home with Viola & Hermjo; it is good to have friends to relax with, discuss pressing issues and also get advice and guidance and share experience without having to watch every word and phrase. Protected areas and I really cherish this moments to let one’s mind speak – the best way to develop ideas to get things moving.

Later the day still meetings, amongst others with a new sponsor and I hope for a good chat and a productive meeting. Again it is amazing to see how many people what to give a hand to assist HOPE Cape Town in its daily work with those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

All in all 10 intensive days with lots of new information, exchange of ideas – Vienna, Tuebingen, Frankfurt; I fly back with lots of new ideas and concepts, specially also to foster the HOPE Cape Town Trust and to assist in making the work of HOPE Cape Town stronger in the months and years to come.

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02.06.2010 Doha…

Arriving in Doha after leaving Hamburg this very early morning to fly to Frankfurt and to Doha on my way back to Cape Town. In Frankfurt I speak once again with the Station manager to assure that the airline gives me a hotel room as my transfer time is 11 hours.  Arriving in Doha I experience that the 5 star service on board does not apply to the ground staff. No hotel at the airport and yes, the IATA rules say that if the transit time is more than 8 hours one is entitled to a hotel room, and yes, Qatar Airways is part of IATA, but no, the rules do not apply to Qatar Airways. No hotel room – they actually don’t even care at all..

Well, of course I can apply for a visa, pay for a visa and then go in search of a hotel in Doha – assistance, no assistance at all – that is my problem.. . I guess, that this is the last time I use Qatar Airways… So I will sit now for 11 hours waiting for my flight.. what a delight..  😦
I got a frequent flyer card from Qatar Airways and I tried now twice to give it back.. but somehow nobody wants to take it here. Well, I will sent it back – so much for flying with arab airlines..

Besides the inconvenienced of not being able to sleep at all, the trip is has been a good one so far. The talk show went well, even I am not sure that my previous employer will be happy about my analysis regarding my “no-show” the last time I was invited.

The deal with the Udo Lindenberg Foundation, the contribution to the small 1-minute-movie-teaser regarding the Safehouse project, the meetings with Viola & Hermjo and Joachim & Sandra – all went well and hopefully the results are fruitful for HOPE Cape Town and the people we are looking after in the Western Cape.

Now I will start counting the sheep or the minutes.. 11 hours times 60 minutes.. a lot to count… hopefully I am falling not at the end asleep and miss my flight..

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