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South Africa is on a good way… so they say…

In the speech of Helen Zille, premier of the Western Cape it sounded like this:

On health, Zille said the province’s HIV prevalence rate was “cause for grave concern”. In 2009, the provincial government set a target of reducing HIV prevalence from 16 percent to 8 percent by 2014. “We have failed to meet this target. In fact, the prevalence rate has increased to 18.4 percent in 2011,” she said. “The biggest increase was among women between the ages of 30 and 39 years.”


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AIDS Gestapo…

Sometimes, discussions are getting out of hand – and this one has certainly gone out of hand. Offering cash prizes for getting tested is a decision, one surely can debate and argue about. But the question of criminalization of HIV transmission is a much deeper going one and Helen Zille, premier of the Western Cape (SA)  and TAC (Advocacy group) should avoid to debate it in a wording and style which does not help the cause. What is meant by “willing infecting” somebody – does it mean, that everybody, who has not done a test and having sex without protection is “willing” to pass on the virus. Or must there be a real intention, so consideration before the act? Fact is, that criminalization is not a tool for HIV prevention – common sense is also that I always expect from both persons engaging in sex to prevent a possible transmission in any case – be it HIV or any other STI.  Both have the responsiblity to either clarify it or protect or decide to take the risk in a responsible way. It can never be one-sided. Being on HAART for 6 month, undetectable and no STI means that the risk of transmission is likely to be the same like a broken condom.
Word like “AIDS Gestapo” or “racist” have no place in such a serious debate. It is about responsiblity, ending stigma, avoiding discrimination and protecting the rights of each and everybody even in the privacy of their bedrooms. A very sensible place – and a very sensible topic which deserves wording living up to the seriousness of the topic.

Read more: http://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/zille-slams-aids-gestapo-1.1192047

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09.06.2010 Pain & Pleasure….

I did not even remember how it is when a tooth must be extracted… but today was the day when in the morning all the old and cruel memories of a dentist visit became reality again – deja vu…

But I did not have enough time to pity myself as I directly have to drive to Blikkiesdorp near Delft for an interview for the “tagesthemen“. Duty instead of laying down and simply indulge in the pain of losing a tooth.. 🙂
Back to the office then to prepare the first draft for an input, I have to give next week during an economic gathering at the Bavarian House.

Then drive to the official opening to the Bavarian House at the Artscape – it is good to see Minister Schneider, Helen Zille and for me it is indeed a great joy to meet the son of Piet Meyers, previous Minister of Health WC, who is now the MEC for social affairs. A brief contact with Minister Botha and Minister Winde and the Bavarian Delegation. All the well-known faces again – it feels good and somehow home to be amongst them.

The music group “Haindling” shows that Bavaria is more than traditional music and it is a pity that the pain of the morning prevents me from indulging too much into the delicious offerings of the reception following the performance. The Bavarian House is open – now the Soccer World cup 2010 may begin… 🙂

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