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This are different links leading to interesting and important news in the field of HIV and AIDS. Sometimes it is important to see, that there are encouraging news – even if it does not happen today or tomorrow. HOPE is the motor of life.

* HIV Drug Delivery Patch in the Pipeline

* R.I.P. HIV

* Legal matters: AIDS Is Not an “Automatic Death Sentence”

* Cure Watch

* HIV Therapeutic Vaccine Shows Signs of Promise

* Gold Drug Shows HIV Eradication Potential

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21.11.2009 A party, a future deacon and Konrad…

A long day draws to an end – ending with a party to celebrate the beginning of summer. Thanks to Monika & Bernd for a wonderful evening, even the wind and the clouds could not stop us drumming and eating and drinking and chatting a great eve long. It was good to see people again, catch up and simply make new friends. A perfect end of a day which began with meeting somebody who will be ordained to be a deacon in two weeks time. This will be a special occasion for me as it marks an end to a way I had the pleasure to accompany as a spiritual director for some years now. And amazingly, being a spiritual director does not mean a one-way-street; having done this now not only once it was and is always a sharing, which includes the spiritual director. I always learned in advising somebody in a big way myself  – giving is receiving; this is so true as I experienced again and again.

And then the email from Konrad, making me aware of a double negative I used in one sentence of  a one of my blogs and making so my sentence unknowingly to the opposite I really wanted to say. Thanks for that, you creme de la creme volunteer :-), and for all who will find the sentence with a “don’t” and a “not” in one sentence concerning my view on sexuality: please scrap the first “not” and the sentence is right!  🙂 Ach ja, Konrad, we are missing you also… very much so… 🙂

And there was another highlight today: I was invited to write about “Aids in Africa” for a publisher’s academic compilation (University of Trier) and today I could file the finished script after receiving confirmation that my writing was appropriate for the intention of the publisher. It feels good to file away what one has accomplished in the knowledge one has done well.. 🙂

So –  a good day, and a throughout the day working internet connection – what else does one need to go to bed as a happy chappy..:-) Good night

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