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POZ Magazine: An HIV Drug Delivery Patch in the Pipeline

ImQuest Biosciences, based in Frederick, Maryland, is developing a skin patch to deliver antiretroviral medications, according to a presentation at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition being held October 23 through 27 in Washington, DC. Though the patch is in very early stages of development—it has not yet been studied in animals, let alone humans—it holds great promise for people living with HIV, the researchers suggest. According to lead presenter Anthony Ham, PhD, of ImQuest, a single transdermal patch can be used to deliver seven days of medication into the bloodstream. “As we enter the fourth decade of HIV/AIDS, this new delivery method will hopefully reduce the numerous pills most HIV patients have to take daily,” said Ham in an AAPS press announcement. “Taking medicines regularly reduces symptoms in HIV patients and extends lives. The transdermal patch offers an easier option for patients to comply with their medication regimes as compared to current treatments.” This non-invasive patch also shows a potential economic advantage in terms of shipping costs as compared to pills or needles. With an estimated 15 million people living with HIV in developing countries and only 5.3 million people with access to treatment, Ham and his colleagues suggest the patch offers a more affordable and accessible way to address this unmet medical need.

Source:   http://www.aidsmeds.com/articles/hiv_transdermal_patch_1667_21359.shtml

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AIDS Gestapo…

Sometimes, discussions are getting out of hand – and this one has certainly gone out of hand. Offering cash prizes for getting tested is a decision, one surely can debate and argue about. But the question of criminalization of HIV transmission is a much deeper going one and Helen Zille, premier of the Western Cape (SA)  and TAC (Advocacy group) should avoid to debate it in a wording and style which does not help the cause. What is meant by “willing infecting” somebody – does it mean, that everybody, who has not done a test and having sex without protection is “willing” to pass on the virus. Or must there be a real intention, so consideration before the act? Fact is, that criminalization is not a tool for HIV prevention – common sense is also that I always expect from both persons engaging in sex to prevent a possible transmission in any case – be it HIV or any other STI.  Both have the responsiblity to either clarify it or protect or decide to take the risk in a responsible way. It can never be one-sided. Being on HAART for 6 month, undetectable and no STI means that the risk of transmission is likely to be the same like a broken condom.
Word like “AIDS Gestapo” or “racist” have no place in such a serious debate. It is about responsiblity, ending stigma, avoiding discrimination and protecting the rights of each and everybody even in the privacy of their bedrooms. A very sensible place – and a very sensible topic which deserves wording living up to the seriousness of the topic.

Read more: http://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/zille-slams-aids-gestapo-1.1192047

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South African HAART programme now open to all

All HIV patients with a CD4 count of 350 or less will now get government HAART treatment, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe announced today during a SANAC meeting. This is indeed good news for South African living with the virus. He also revealed that from 13,5 million newly tested South African, some two million people were tested positive.

More info:


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South Africas progress in the fields of HIV and AIDS

Numbers tested
before June 2010: 2 million tests annually  February 2011 11.9 million since June 2010  target:  further expansion at village level from June 2011 

Health centres accredited to provide ART
before June 2010: 490  February 2011: 2205 target: All 4000 health outlets by Dec 2011

People receiving HAART
before June 2010: 923000  February 2011: 1.4 mill  target: 3 mill by 2015

Nurses accredited to prescribe ART
before June 2010: 250 February 2011: 2000  target: 4000 by Dec 2011
Source: NAM


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POZ Magazine: World AIDS Day: 1 Million Now on HIV Meds in South Africa

One million people are now on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment in South Africa, according to an announcement December 1 by South African Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, which was reported by Agence France-Presse.
South Africa has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world. The United Nations estimates that out of a population of 50 million, 5.6 million are living with HIV. The country went through nearly a decade of inaction on the epidemic—largely a result of then President Thabo Mbeki’s skepticism about the link between HIV and AIDS. This changed toward the end of the past decade, with the implementation of one of the largest ARV distribution programs in the world.
Deputy President Motlanthe and Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi kicked off their World AIDS Day observation by visiting the homes of households affected by the epidemic in a rural South African village. “What we are observing here is the devastation of HIV/AIDS. All four houses we visited here were headed by grandmothers who are looking after orphans,” said Motsoaledi, adding: “What is left for us is to see how we pick up the pieces.”  Picking up the pieces is something that the country has been quick to do in recent years. The country now has the highest rate of people with HIV on ARV therapy on the African continent, and in the past year it hit this new milestone.
“More than 200,000 new patients have been initiated on ARVs since April this year, bringing a total number to 1 million,” Motlanthe told a public gathering to mark World AIDS Day in the eastern province of Mpumalanga.

Source:  http://www.poz.com/rssredir/articles/hiv_southafrica_antiretroviral_761_19491.shtml

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