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How long do I live when HIV positive?

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy (Photo credit: Greatist)

A good question and first the good news: People with HIV may enjoy life spans close to normal if they are on antiretroviral therapy, maintain low viral loads and CD4 counts above 350, are not co infected with viral hepatitis, and are not injection drug users, according to a new study from the United Kingdom, aidsmap reports. It is an interesting report giving hope to those thinking, that HIV might cut their life too short to live it to the fullest. A good starting point to read it at the beginning of the year. Click here

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Different worlds

Being on a cruise liner as a chaplain means also to be exposed to many different people and talking about God, the world, HOPE Cape Town and obviously HIV and AIDS. And suddenly one realizes again how different the worlds are we are living in. Standing casually last night watching the evening show I was chatting with the medical doctor on board. Naturally we are in close contact as our work portfolios touch each other and this time, we spend even more time together chatting and befriending each other besides the work. Speaking about my experience of HIV and AIDS in South Africa and my question, whether there are HIV rapid test on board the good doctor is not sure whether there are. In the ongoing conversation he admits never having treated a case of HIV and as the discussion goes along, he mentioned that in the case he would encounter such a case on board, he would advice the person to leave the ship. I was stunned. Not that he had any reservations or discriminatory thoughts about people living with HIV. It was simple, that for him, HIV was an unknown syndrome, not present while he was studying and never present to his knowledge in his rooms.

Knowing how he cares about patients I wondered till I was falling asleep that for me HIV was such a “normal” factor of life while for him it was something unknown in practice and even far away in theory. Indeed different worlds and a reminder, that often we think, our environment, our knowledge, our expertise is normal to all others – and it is not. I hope that my talk tomorrow about the work we are doing with HOPE Cape Town in South Africa will open up some minds and hearts and contribute to a better dealing with HIV and AIDS in an European environment.

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Interesting articles from all over the world

AIDS awareness in Chimoio

AIDS awareness in Chimoio (Photo credit: tonrulkens)

Another shot on interesting articles to broaden the view on HIV and AIDS and all what comes with it.

What’s wrong with World AIDS Day asks David Phillips and he has his very own thoughts about this international day. To read it click here.

This is one of the photos making headlines in the early days of HIV – giving it a grim face and showing all the suffering. It is shocking, but shows where we came from and what treat it is if the virus get’s again out of control. Click here.

Confession of a HIV vaccine trial candidate is another interesting story and gives an insight in a HIV negative person prepared to assist in such a trial. Click here.

Enjoy reading and have a great day.

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Drinking and ART Therapy

English: AIDS Project Los Angeles color logo

Ever thought about drinking and HIV medication? Is it healthy to drink after taking the pills? In the ongoing struggle to improve adherence to HIV medications, alcohol has long been an obvious crux standing in the way of progress. Brian Risley, manager of the treatment education program at AIDS Project Los Angeles, says some of the common refrains he hears from his HIV-positive clients are, “They got drunk, they forgot to take their meds; they went home with somebody and they didn’t bring any meds with them.” Now cutting-edge research has teased out a new component of booze’s detrimental effects on health outcomes: the fact that many people with HIV skip their meds on purpose when they are drinking because they falsely believe that antiretrovirals (ARVs) and alcohol are a toxic mix. Read more in an exclusive report from the magazine POZ about this thrilling and important topic here.

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Vetting the press…

HIV-1 Gag

HIV-1 Gag (Photo credit: AJC1)

There is so much information floating the internet regarding HIV and AIDS and I spend quite some hours per week just going through it all to see what is new and what kind of developments are important for activists and doctors and patients. Here now a variety of links to interesting articles of the last week:

The first one is rather for doctors and it deals with resistance of HIV. It is about fusion inhibitor and optimizing a medication so that resistance is not an issue anymore.
Journalmed: Neues Anti -HIV -Peptid ohne Nebenwirkungen und Resistenzbildung (German) click here
American Society for microbiology (English) click here

The second one is about the laws of Missouri, which make every HIV positive person per se a criminal click here

The third is for those interested in research and deals with the  simulation of maturation of the virus click here

The forth and last for today is about the story behind the story: Reporting on HIV click here

Enjoy reading and learning more of the world of researchers, activists or people affected by or infected with HIV.

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