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Moments of reflection

Traveling through the world for the last 5 weeks has given me the opportunity to see so many different landscapes – from Corsica to the South of France and the South of Spain – not to forget Bavaria with blue skies and the snow-covered Alps in the background –  the Garden State of New Jersey and finally New Mexico with the desert coming from Colorado with the Rocky Mountains.

Nature can be a blast – it can lift up the mood and it can almost trigger a certain way of talking with each other or even being silent in the presence of each other. Nature, an incarnation of the divine somehow tells you the story of all created being part of something much bigger, much serener, much more enchanted and connected then the good old bible story of  Adam and Eve being told by God to be masters of the world.

Even speaking over death and dying suddenly gets another meaning and a lightness is felt on this heavy thoughts of own mortality as if the comfort of the natural cathedrals changes the tune and mood of those engaging in such talks.

And one suddenly wonders whether the talk of man as the crown of creation is really the adequate language to use or whether this tribal expression coming from the good very old times has outlived its meaning and even damages our understanding of creation and the divine.  And how all is connected and inter-connected in a mysterious way and often only discovered listening to the guts and the feelings and the spirits guiding us.

And then suddenly there are more questions about how we talk about God, the universe and us – there are creeping questions into the conversation whether we got it really right thinking that there is a God somewhere sitting in the heavens – or now better universe or beyond the boundaries of all the known and unknown galaxies?
And whether the thinking of the divine as an opposite of mankind does still make sense or whether we need another language bringing our knowledge of modern science and the core elements of the biblical story into singing one tune.
Discovering ourselves as part of an universal conscience developing – the creation which is according to Paul still in labour – and all existing part of this process evolving more reflective.

Lots to reflect about, alone and together – as I said in a earlier blog – traveling is an adventure and we come home as changed persons – hopefully somebody will notice.

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Enjoy the flight

Ticket for the first leg of the trip

Ticket for the first leg of the trip

Flying seems to trigger all kind of emotions and it seems that there is always an expectation to like jumping on a plane and going somewhere far away. But I guess  growing older one realizes more and more that the best place to stay is home 🙂 and that learning to know the world can make life sometimes more complicated. Why? Well, because traveling opens mind and heart to possibilities and develops views not seen by those staying home all the time.  Travel broadens the mind and the choices one have in life – and can be perceived as threats by others. But the perceived danger of terrorism and the break down of civil rights, once hard-fought for to achieve them, makes traveling across borders more and more a pain in the neck then a pleasantry. Nevertheless it is necessary and so I try to enjoy my flights which brings me again to people I never have seen before, but they are connected either by my faith or by the HOPE Cape Town project. And I surely will come back enriched and with new friends and acquaintances and hopefully more dedicated supporters and sponsors for HOPE Cape Town.


Sam Tuntubele - Vice Chair of HOPE Cape Town Trust arrives in Frankfurt

Sam Tuntubele – Vice Chair of HOPE Cape Town Trust arrives in Frankfurt

Even in the days of SKYPE and other tools, the personal contact remains the most important tool to introduce my work to other people. Talks, workshops and various encounters are bringing together the different worlds we are living in and try to create an understanding of each other. And this is by no means a one way road. Not only I want to secure support for the project, but also those working for the project here locally should understand the people feeling connected even thousands of km away. Two years ago, Pauline, our outreach officer was even able to visit Dresden on the occasion of the HOPE Gala – and last year our trustee Sam Tuntubele was part of this very same HOPE Gala in Dresden. So it is not only me, but there will be more ambassadors on both sides trying to bridge the gap between our worlds. And yes, this thought of bringing people together to join the good cause, that makes the time of traveling enjoyable, despite all the hassles of cramped planes, crowded airports, unfriendly custom staff and all the dressing and undressing for security reasons..

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