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Exciting times @ HOPE Cape Town

A new year brings new spirit and energy and it is definitely true for HOPE Cape Town. Having now a so-called “back office” in place, the marketing and fundraising efforts are backed up in the true sense of the word from competent staff following up and preparing new strategies for fundraising. A well-known marketing company agreed to look “pro bono” from a professional side on HOPE Cape Towns efforts to showcase it’s work and successes and built up more fundraising power. The whole question of marketing communication is added to the package. So watch the space…

But also conceptional HOPE Cape Town is developing – HOPE to HOME will be the next major project looking after all kids living with the virus and discharged from Tygerberg Children’s Hospital. HOPE Cape Town is answering with this new concept a call from the Children’s Hospital trying to make sure that all follow-up appointments as well as prescribed medication will be adhered to. This is indeed a very important quest to stop drug resistance which shows up in more and more kids being tested positive.

Also the training portfolio started into the new year with new perspectives: 10 of the HOPE Community Health Worker are attending a 2 years program at the University of Cape Town while continuing working in the clinics. One could call it dual training. Besides the ongoing formation and training it will ensure that the community based employees will be able to feed into the nursing profession or related job opportunities. In February HOPE Cape Town could proudly announce that the HOPE Community Health Worker of Goodwood was accepted into the nursing training program.

Blikkiesdorp remains also an important portfolio for HOPE Cape Town. Nutrition students from the Hochschule Niederrhein visit regularly and the next “Health Days” of Rotary International run by the Signal Hill Rotary Club will take place again in this semi-permanent settlement. There are plans to intensify the work of community building in the area – most was and is not possible without the help of our friends from Muenster in Germany.

To keep up with all the news you can either check the “up to date” of the HOPE Cape Town website or “like” them on Facebook , follow them on Twitter @hopecapetown  – be part of the exciting times of HOPE Cape Town and become an ambassador for HOPE and of HOPE for those in need.

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Sex instead love in South Africa

Most teenage girls in South Africa start having sex to prove their love to their boyfriends. This is according to new research presented by Neloufar Khan from the Department of Social Development at the Carnegie III conference which took place in Cape Town last week.  “Baby, you’re not faithful. You don’t trust me.” According to Khan this is the phrase men use to coax young girls into having sex with them. Carnegie III was held at the University of Cape Town and presenters focused on strategies to overcome poverty and inequality.  “The fact that girls place their health and welfare second to the needs of their boyfriends is proof of the gender inequality in these communities,” Khan said.
The whole article you can find under here

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