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HOPE Cape Town is developing…

Tomorrow is the Annual General Meeting of the HOPE Cape Town Association, the working arm of HOPE Cape Town which consists of two arms: aforesaid HOPE Cape Town Association which is combining all the project work on the ground and HOPE Cape Town Trust, which is leading in fundraising and marketing of the work done. Together with the German AIDS Foundation, the HOPE Cape Town Trust has a common “child”, called HOPE Kapstadt Stiftung, a dependent trust governed by German law.  To complete the picture the HOPE Cape Town family has also very close relatives:  the Kuratorium Deutschland, which relates to the HOPE Cape Town Trust and is looking together with Viola Klein to support the HOPE Gala Dresden (26.10.2013). The Freundeskreis HOPE Cape Town Trust Olching e.V. is another German and Bavarian support group of the HOPE Cape Town Trust. Not to forget HOPE & Future e.V. in Münster (Germany), which is an essential part of our supporting family. And we HOPE to give birth in the near future also to an US American entity relating to HOPE Cape Town.  And locally our brainchild is also the Ball of HOPE together with the Southern-African – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, next year taking place on the 11th of May 2014.

There is the idea of spreading the word about the “friends of HOPE Cape Town” and if you think, you can get some people together forming a small group supporting the goals of HOPE Cape Town, then feel free to contact me for further information. HOPE Cape Town depends like any other public benefit organization on the support of many – so HOPE Cape Town understands itself as much more than a local organization – we are a network of people trying to better the lives of South African’s living with HIV and TB and everything related to it.
Sometimes I am asked why TB and why we not concentrate on HIV? The answer is very simple: TB is the twin-sister of HIV in South Africa and to combat only HIV would not making sense. They are interlinked, and so are the other social problems attached to it. Studies have shown that poverty, unemployment and unfavorable conditions lead to early death even if treatment is available. So there is so much more to HIV and AIDS. And there is so much more to do – whatever we can do as HOPE Cape Town depends on resources, manpower and funds. We have grown to 31 employees and our portfolios range from the vegetable garden in Blikkisdorp to academic research @ the University of Stellenbosch. It will depend on the ongoing and additional support of people like you, the reader of this blog, whether we can enhance our work and do more to give people hope and future.  We are willing to go the extra – mile; come and join us in one of the many ways possible:

* Donation: All our donation options are summarized on our website under donation

* Tell friends about HOPE Cape Town and ask them to have a look at our website

* Maybe you consider to donate to capital (Zustiftung in German language) and make you money work for a good cause for eternity…
* Find a circle of friends to become ambassadors of HOPE – we can assist you in this…

* Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Cause, share the links and stories and follow us

For all donations and donations to capital applies in Germany and South Africa: We are able to issue a tax-deductible receipt for the respective county.

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Bridge between grass root and sciences

Civil and state flag of Brandenburg.

Civil and state flag of Brandenburg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today HOPE Cape Town is graced by the visit of a delegation from Brandenburg in Germany. 55 delegates will come and hear about our work, but also the work, the University of Stellenbosch is doing. More and more we discover how important it is to connect sciences and grass root and create a synergy which is beneficial for both sides. Prof Erasmus, Prof Wolfgang Preiser and myself will present this afternoon and the accompanying minister will then visit the Ithemba Ward. So for HOPE Cape Town an exciting start into the week. Other developments are also to be reported: We welcome our new two doctors and with Izane Reyneke we also have now a program coordinator on board to oversee all our working arms, assess and streamline them. We also bid farewell to Prof Bernd Rosenkranz, who resigned from the Board of the HOPE Cape Town Association and thank him for all his good work, support and advice. It is always sad to let people go, but there is, as Kohelet in the bible already said, a time for everything in life. During the Ball of HOPE Monika Rosenkranz as well as Ryan and Dennis presented each their donation result about the support projects they had run till now for HOPE Cape Town. Also here a word of thanks for the creation of wonderful trappings with the mummies for hope and the hard work of running for HOPE. As one can see, there are so many ideas how to support the good cause and there is no limit to creativity in doing so.

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HOPE Cape Town Trust & Association working summary

HOPE Cape Town Connectivity

HOPE Cape Town Connectivity

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Visit by German Minister Annette Schavan to HOPE Cape Town

At the containerTowards the end of the German-South African Year of Science, the then German Minister of Education and Research, Dr. Annette Schavan, and her delegation visited HOPE Cape Town on February 7, 2013. The German visitors were hosted at the Blikkiesdorp informal settlement where HOPE Cape Town runs an outreach programme that supports HIV-infected children and their families. During this visit the German delegation was also informed about the collaboration between the Pharmacology and Virology Divisions of the University of Stellenbosch and HOPE Cape Town.

 Just before 4 p.m., Rev. Fr. Stefan Hippler, employees of HOPE Cape Town and Professors Bernd Rosenkranz and Wolfgang Preiser from the University of Stellenbosch welcomed Dr Schavan and her delegation of about 30 people from the German parliament, academic and other institutions to Blikkiesdorp. Previously, the minister had attended meetings with local and international enterprises and organisations in South Africa in order to consolidate the scientific cooperation between both countries.

Prof Dr Bernd Rosenkranz, Head of the Division of Pharmacology, and his colleague Prof Dr Wolfgang Preiser, Head of the Division of Medical Virology, both also HOPE Cape Town board members, shared their experiences of being part of a joint German-South African research project on infectious diseases with the group. One project that was presented described how German students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with diseases common in South African that are rare in Germany. In return, the joint research project allowed South Africans to develop new forms of treatment that had been tested in Germany before.

Rev. Fr. Hippler introduced the non-profit-organisation HOPE Cape Town to the audience. He highlighted the importance of the world-wide network of the charity and emphasised the significant contribution that the cooperation between international medical research initiatives and local communities brings about. Moreover, the catholic priest underlined how the work of HOPE Cape Town’s 30 employees at the Ithemba ward at Tygerberg Hospital and in 20 primary health care facilities in various informal settlements contributes to the fight against the HI virus.

The visibly interested minister and her delegation from Germany were invited to walk through Blikkiesdorp and meet its inhabitants whilst Rev. Fr. Hippler and the HOPE Cape Town community health workers explained to the visitors under which difficult circumstances people live there. Furthermore, the delegation was informed about the severe social problems such as unemployment and domestic violence that mark people’s  daily existence. Through visiting HOPE Cape Town’s project in Blikkiesdorp the foreign visitors were given an authentic albeit a little uncomfortable experience of the challenges that people living in informal settlements face on a daily basis. The German delegates enjoyed the hands-on experience as a welcome alternative to the usual power-point presentations that they have to sit through on such visits.

Minister Visit shavan03


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15.06.2010 HIV and sports

In the morning a workshop to HIV and sports – the framework for a cooperation between the Technical University in Munich – Sport sciences and the University of Stellenbosch, Health Sciencies and HOPE Cape Town is officially introduced at the Bavarian House. Three strong partners will join forced on the long term run to work in the fields of HIV and sports. In the later afternoon the Letter of Intent is signed by Prof. van der Merwe (University of Stellenbosch), Prof. Beckmann (TU Munich) and myself (for HOPE Cape Town).

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