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12.07.2010: One day after the Worldcup

Minister tackles xenophobic attacks
Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa flew into the Western Cape on Monday for an assessment after a wave of xenophobic violence, a spokesman said. Earlier, police and troops were deployed in force as scores of foreigners sought refuge at police stations in Cape Town and surrounding towns.  A government spokesman said Mthethwa and Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu travelled to the Western Cape “to get first hand reports from senior law enforcement officers”. Sisulu said in a statement the army would do all it could to help the police and vowed that anybody who targeted foreigners would be “dealt with”.  “Opportunistic criminals must know that we will deal with them harshly, there is no way we will allow them to spread fear and crime. We are working very hard to find them and prosecute them.” Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk said there were “sporadic incidents of looting” at shops belonging to foreigners on Sunday night. Areas where this occurred included Nyanga, Philippi East and Khayelitsha on the Cape Flats, Wellington, Paarl East, Mbekweni (a Paarl township), Franschhoek and Klapmuts. “Police responded and a heavy police contingency was deployed in conjunction with metro police and SANDF in all these areas,” Van Wyk said. Seven men, aged between 19 and 30, had been arrested in the Nyanga area. They were charged with public violence and were to appear in the Phillipi Magistrate’s Court on Monday.  “SAPS will continue to deploy in high numbers to maintain law and order in the mentioned areas. Tranquillity has been restored and no further reports of violence have been reported,” Van Wyk said.  Spokeswoman for provincial disaster management Daniella Ebenezer earlier said 70 foreigners had sought refuge overnight at the Mbekweni police station in Paarl and 22 at Wellington.  There were smaller numbers at police stations in Franschhoek, and Langa and Harare on the Cape Flats.
They had gone there “mainly because they were fearful”, but in some instances following attacks on shops. Ebenezer said there were “sporadic” attacks on shops on Saturday in the region, and “some incidents of looting” on Sunday.  No-one had been seriously injured.
She said according to reports from police, spaza shops and containers used as shops were “damaged” in Mbekweni, Paarl East, Wellington and Nyanga on Sunday. Ebenezer said the province’s community development workers had been providing information to authorities on what was happening on the ground. Mediators deployed to communities last week would continue their efforts.
“Provincial and local government are on standby to provide humanitarian support, should this be required,” she said.


Foreigners seek refuge at police stations

A heavy police and military presence has been deployed in Western Cape townships following sporadic xenophobic violence, police said on Monday. Provincial authorities said scores of foreigners had sought refuge at police stations in the region.
Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk said that on Sunday night there were “sporadic incidents of looting” at shops belonging to foreigners. Areas where this occurred included Nyanga, Philippi East and Khayelitsha on the Cape Flats, Wellington, Paarl East, Mbekweni (a Paarl township), Franschhoek and Klapmuts. “Police responded and a heavy police contingency was deployed in conjunction with Metro Police and SANDF [the defence force] in all these areas,” Van Wyk said.

Source: http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=nw20100712125356596C317143

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16.09.2009 Soccer and HIV

It is an amazing time – not a year anymore to go until the Soccer World Cup 2010 and it seems that since a year the majority of NGO’s playing in the international field what to do something in South Africa – mainly connected with soccer. Countless are the requests for meetings in this regard and this morning I met again with a dear colleague of mine from HOPE Cape Town management an organisation dealing with HIV and soccer. To their credit I must say, that they are in the field a longer time and that they intend to stay beyond the point of the final of the World Cup.
But most requests deal with the question: How do I get the most exposure – it is cool to have photos with poor black kids playing soccer and XY from our NGO or organisation. Even big German trusts are not feeling ashamed to exploit the kids here for their advertising – and I say exploit because in most cases it is clear that the money will stop the day the soccer world cup is finished. The word sustainability seems not to be a known English word.

Some months ago I was sitting together with two representatives of a famous German soccer player, coming to Cape Town to investigate possibilities to do something good in this regard. Well, I made it very clear in the introductory phase of our meeting that sustainability is a major keyword for me  as we as a local entity have a responsibility towards the people concerned. And that HOPE Cape Town will not engage with people just wanting to have the shoot for 2010.  This was the end of the meeting – ” We are also such ass….” mumbled the manager of the soccer star, being one of the representatives, stood up and walked out. End of story. Good behaviour is sometimes not on the top priority list of such “important” people – and they don’t like to be unmasked or questioned. Quite an experience for me.

Todays meeting went differently and I am sure, they are full good intentions to stay longer than 2010 – young, enthusiastic and full of financial support from the American government – so they will not run dry in this regard. As we are open to networking from HOPE Cape Town we will keep in touch and see whether it is possible to create positive synergies between us with the work we are doing.

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