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HOPE Cape Town has advertised two positions, one of a secretary and one of a resource developer. Tomorrow will be the first round of interviews for those making it to the shortlist. Interviews are not only exciting for those seeking employment or a change of position but also for the prospective employer. It is difficult to pick the right person: Qualification can be measured, but the potential of a candidate and the willingness to fit into an existing team and to add value to it is more difficult to evaluate. Candidates are trying to show their best performance and sometimes I wish to see them performing the worst at such an interview – it would make it easier for me to see the span of performance. 🙂

I am sometimes also amazed about the discrepancy between what a CV promises and what a candidate delivers. An interview showing strength and weakness in an honest way could give a hint about development potential. I am convinced that most jobs are to be conquered by anybody who has an open mind and an open heart and a solid ground of knowledge in the field of expertise. People must like what they doing, they must love to identify themselves with the work they are doing. They should be proud to be part of the company.  Starting a job does not mean to be perfect, but the first day in a new job is the beginning of an exciting development for both, the person and the company or NGO.

And so I hope that this will happen: That we find the right candidate whose work will do HOPE Cape Town proud and HOPE Cape Town does him proud. 31 colleagues are waiting to welcome the lucky one and specially our back office, serving the HOPE Cape Town Trust and the HOPE Cape Town Association will be able to go full speed and deliver on all levels.

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Online donation for HOPE Cape Town via a German interface

Online donations are ‘in’ – and they give you the chance to give without traveling far, to open your heart without delay and support a good cause.
For those in Germany or speaking German please check out: http://www.betterplace.org

For those in South Africa there is a closer website, which can be used by all to transfer your support in a secure way:




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Ball of HOPE and bridging the gap

Sitting in Venice at the airport waiting on my flight to Cape Town via Frankfurt and Johannesburg I realize that in one weeks time we will have the Ball of HOPE . Being on a ship means also to be exposed to a different kind of crowd – often people who have never seen the realities of poverty and disease but on TV. It’s not their fault, it never came up and doing a cruise means often to pick all the beauty of every country and not being able to see behind the curtain of real life in the respective countries.

Being a bridge between worlds as a chaplain is one important task besides saying Holy Mass and attending to the needs and problems of those on such a cruise liner. It would be false to compare the needs in the township of Cape Town and those I hear about during such a journey. I have to realize that for problems and needs are very subjective and therefore to the person concerned equally important and to be taken serious. Maybe it is indeed a grace to be able to live in both of the worlds without comparing, but with the clear intent to bring those worlds closer together.

Bringing worlds together is also part of the mission when it comes to the Ball of HOPE. Yes, it is about charity, about raising money but also about bringing worlds together. May it be only a couple of kilometers – in Cape Town worlds are living very close together without having the chance, sometimes without wanting the chance to meet each other.

Let’s hope that the Ball of HOPE serves it purpose: to bring together people who realize, that we all have the right to live a decent and dignified life.


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A busy week for HOPE Cape Town

Even in the week leading to Easter there is still much to do and reflect before relaxing and enjoying the Easter holidays. HOPE Cape Town was searching for a new HOPE doctor and it seems that we found even two, sharing the workload and bringing in their dedication and adding so to the excellence of HOPE Cape Town. If everything goes alright then from the 1st of April / 1st of May respectively we are complemented with the two medical women.At the same time the back office of HOPE Cape Town Trust and Association needed a new secretary to support Kerstin Behlau. Also these negotiations are looking good and hopefully April will see the additional full-time secretary starting her work with HOPE Cape Town.
And when in May our program coordinator will commence her work, then we are complete again and the time of transition is coming somehow to an end. New ideas, new thinking is also needed to redefine our relationship with the Ithemba Ward, which will move in due course from G7 to G10. What can HOPE Cape Town add to the wards work 12 years after the organization’s first task was to set up the ward? In the moment even the playroom is occupied with little patients, so there is clearly much to do, but work has in the fields of HIV and AIDS always redefined as it is a very dynamic field.

The Bishop of Trier / Germany will also come in the week after Easter to visit HOPE Cape Town and to get more knowledge about the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa. He is the latest of a row of visitors coming from all corners of life: parliamentarians, students, medical doctors, ministers, sponsors, donors and even those who are just curious to see what it means to live side by side with HIV and poverty. We from HOPE Cape Town are always very happy to take the visitors out and introduce them to the realities on the ground. So there is no kid handing a bunch of flowers to the visitors but whatever is present at the time of the visit is shown by HOPE Cape Town and experienced by the visitors. Real life experience does not need much explanation or planing – the moment where two worlds meet in the persons present is mostly enough to change hearts and minds and foster more understanding for each other.

So even a short week like the Holy week before Easter is full of puzzling and planing and it feels so alive – this organization called HOPE Cape Town.

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Job opening for a medical doctor @ HOPE Cape Town

Job description – HOPE Cape Town Doctor

The role of the HOPE Cape Town Doctor is to provide clinical service in pediatric HIV clinics, support relevant community projects and provide expertise in the training of health care workers and medical elective students. The clinical service will take 50 % and the training duties, the research, project support and general duties will take the other 50 % of task and duties. That means in detail:

Clinical duties

o Provide comprehensive clinical care to HIV infected children and adults at Tygerberg Hospital and peripheral clinics and communities

o Maintain good relationships with medical staff at Tygerberg Hospital and peripheral clinics in the communities by attending relevant meetings and ward rounds

o Responsible for the organization of the yearly Christmas party and other events for HIV positive children in the communities


Training duties

o Train and support HOPE Cape Town Community Health Workers (HCHW’s)

o With special focus on newly employed HCHW’s during their probation period

o Develop and teach an user friendly course for HCHW based on UNISA-text book “HIV care and counselling course”

o Develop HCHW’s annual training programme

o Responsible for the annual training content for the HCHW’s

o Develop training material and modules

o develop training material and modules of good quality for HWSETA accreditation

o eLearning

o responsible for teaching and training of all e Learning material

o supervision of the e Learning project and keep the contacts with all relevant role players

o Provide external training and awareness as required

o Train and supervise Medical Elective Students of the HOPE – KID CRU Elective


Applied research duties

o  Identify research opportunities based on demonstrated needs

o Plan and implement formal and informal research


Project support and general duties

o Liaison and networking with all relevant role players pertaining to all other relevant duties

o Provide medical information and expertise to non-medical personnel

o Assist in planning, initiating and executing HOPE Cape Town projects and programmes

o Provide consultative services for external collaborations

o Do media interviews and articles as required

o Attend training and meetings, like ward rounds and medical meeting, staff and other meetings


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14th HOPE Gala Dresden

HOPE Gala Dresden - the event to be in DresdenNovember 16th, 2019
28 days to go.

Ball of HOPE 2020

Join us @ The Westin in Cape TownMay 23rd, 2020
7 months to go.
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