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HOPE Cape Town has advertised two positions, one of a secretary and one of a resource developer. Tomorrow will be the first round of interviews for those making it to the shortlist. Interviews are not only exciting for those seeking employment or a change of position but also for the prospective employer. It is difficult to pick the right person: Qualification can be measured, but the potential of a candidate and the willingness to fit into an existing team and to add value to it is more difficult to evaluate. Candidates are trying to show their best performance and sometimes I wish to see them performing the worst at such an interview – it would make it easier for me to see the span of performance. 🙂

I am sometimes also amazed about the discrepancy between what a CV promises and what a candidate delivers. An interview showing strength and weakness in an honest way could give a hint about development potential. I am convinced that most jobs are to be conquered by anybody who has an open mind and an open heart and a solid ground of knowledge in the field of expertise. People must like what they doing, they must love to identify themselves with the work they are doing. They should be proud to be part of the company.  Starting a job does not mean to be perfect, but the first day in a new job is the beginning of an exciting development for both, the person and the company or NGO.

And so I hope that this will happen: That we find the right candidate whose work will do HOPE Cape Town proud and HOPE Cape Town does him proud. 31 colleagues are waiting to welcome the lucky one and specially our back office, serving the HOPE Cape Town Trust and the HOPE Cape Town Association will be able to go full speed and deliver on all levels.

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HOPE Cape Town Association: Job opportunities

Job Opening: 1 Secretary and 1 Program Coordinator for HOPE Cape Town Association


Team Secretary


neg depending on experience

Working hours


40 hour week, no overtime, no additional benefits, 22 leave days p.a.  – standard conditions of employment apply

Working location

HOPE Cape Town Association @ University of Stellenbosch

Fluent in English and German (spoken and written), Afrikaans as bonus

Ability to communicate (spoken and written) and integrate information

Strong interpersonal skills, confidence, multicultural experience, team player

Organisational talent

Good IT skills and computer & internet literacy (MS Office)

Ability to work independently and with creativity

Basic office admin (phone, fax, email)

Basic staff-related admin (update personnel information, forms, claims etc)

Admin support for senior staff and board

Visitors and volunteers

Starting Date: as soon as possible            


Kerstin Behlau, 021 938 9930

Please submit your application for the attention of Kerstin Behlau HOPE Cape Town, P. O. Box 19145, Tygerberg 7505, South Africa, Email admin@hopecapetown.com, Tel 021 938 9930, Fax 021 938 6662


Program Facilitator


HOPE Cape Town is a local non-profit organization providing outreach and education on HIV and AIDS in the Western Cape Province. The program of Hope comprises in that connection several projects. The Program Facilitator position is responsible for planning and carrying out these projects.

The incumbent should personify the values and objectives of HOPE Cape Town combining stability and guidance with vision.  The Facilitator works with and reports to the chairperson of the Association and works in close contact with all staff, management, volunteers, consultants, trustees and other bodies associated with HOPE Cape Town.

Position functions include meeting program and development goals, evaluation and having the oversight of the HOPE Cape Town Association programmes.

  • Drafts correspondence, proposals and reports for portfolios and programmes (as required)
  • Assists with Annual Report
  • Liaises with HOPE doctor and HOPE Outreach Facilitator
  • Provides Budget overviews for individual programmes and drafts funding proposals as required
  • Provides evaluation for all HOPE Cape Town related programmes
  • Visits together with the HOPE Outreach facilitator clinics and employees in the fields and ensures proper evaluation
  • Represents HOPE Cape Town at community meetings, networking and fundraising events related to local programmes as may be required
  • Provides evaluation and feedback to the chairperson
  • Participates in the semi-annual medium and long-term planning meetings
  • Has an overall responsibility for the further development of HOPE Cape Town portfolios
  • Attends Senior Staff meeting and HCHW Training sessions as required

Qualifications and Skills

  • Education:  Undergraduate degree (graduate studies preferred)
  • Able to communicate (verbal and written) and integrate information in English, basic German and/or willingness to develop the German language skill, Afrikaans as a bonus
  • Strong interpersonal skills, multicultural experience
  • Operates on the basis of consensus
  • At ease with people of different social backgrounds
  • Background in community and development work with emphasis on HIV and AIDS
  • Professional understanding and exposure to the objectives and management of an NGO
  • Human resource and development experience
  • Available to work flexible hours and travel
  • Successful completion of UNISA HIV and AIDS Counselling Course or equivalent
  • Computer literate
  • Drivers license, personal car, no criminal record

Salary neg depending on skills and working experience

Please submit your application for the attention of Kerstin Behlau, HOPE Cape Town, P. O. Box 19145, Tygerberg 7505, South Africa, Email admin@hopecapetown.com, Tel 021 938 9930, Fax 021 938 6662 (suitable candidates will be invited for an interview)


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Ball of HOPE 2020

Join us @ The Westin in Cape TownMay 23rd, 2020
5 months to go.

15th HOPE Gala Dresden

HOPE Gala Dresden - the event to be in DresdenOctober 31st, 2020
10 months to go.
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