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My Health Tracker is a webpage under the “thebody.com” and it can help you organize your HIV treatment information privately and securely in one place. This way, you can take better charge over your health and keep track on what you are doing and how you take your medication.Whether with computer or cellphone or mobile tablet – all these items turn into a source of support. My labs keep track of your laboratory blood results, My meds helps you to list all your medication taken. My journal allows for a sort of diary and My reports let one create various graphs and reports to be printed out and take for example with to your doctor. In one word: An amazing helpful website recommended for those anyhow connected to internet via modern communication tools. And frankly: most people even in South Africa have a cellphone which can be used for social networks like Facebook. So it is simple just to add another and this time life-supporting tool for those living with the HI virus. To get to the relevant page click here.

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Sorting out the social media…

Social media work is important in our days and I am in the process of get them all together in a way they make sense for me and HOPE Cape Town. So here they are for those who are interested:

HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust webpage:

HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust Facebook:

HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust Causes:

HOPE Cape Town Association Twitter:

Website Stefan:
http://www.stefanhippler.com (in 2 weeks ready to go)

Blog Stefan:

Twitter Stefan:

Facebook Stefan:

Enjoy and keep connected and comment whenever you feel like it. We are one.. as SABC 2 always says.. And it is all about communication

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05.12.2010 Back home…

After 6 weeks back  home again… and slowly one starting to sort out all the impressions collected on this very long trip. Whom do you have promised to contact, whom to send details, information; let alone all the emails still waiting for a reply. Not to forget the reminder of those emails not answered directly. Emails can be cruel – because it seems that everybody expects me to be online 24/7… Even with a Blackberry that is not the case anymore – humanity fades if one is only determined from the peep of a blackberry or the next internet accessibility. Yes, I do try to be up to date with all my emails and answer as soon as possible. But I refuse to become a slave of the modern world being available around the clock or at least within the next hours. There are emergencies, but generally it is time to overcome the fascination of the technical advance – all the modern communication should serve human mankind, not make the people more restless and hectic. See who is preaching.. 🙂

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03.02.10 emails

Emails can be a blessing and a curse.  I spend half of my day answering them being behind it a bit through the travel last weekend. It is amazing how fast an email box can fill itself up – and it is amazing how fast people can answer emails once in a while. It seems to me that everybody is just sitting and waiting to press the “reply” button whenever I send one out.  That are the so-called sisyphos days where the box is as full as the end of the day as it has been earlier in the morning.
Luncheon with a friend of mine and once again it is good to chat and exchange ideas from person to person – no email can replace this personal word, this looking in each other eyes and reading the expression of body and face.
Surely, communicating via internet is easy because it seems so anonymous and chat rooms are full of people exchanging all sorts of secretes and personal details because not seeing a person means to them to be anonymous. But we all know meanwhile that this is not true and that all footsteps on the internet are recorded almost for eternity somewhere and somehow.

At the end of such an office day one looks back and asks oneself: “What have you done the whole day?”  Good question – next question…. 🙂

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29.08.2009 It feels good…

It simply feels good to know where you are heading. And I feel good because I know that I can continue to work in a field which is close to my heart and I guess I collected some expertise. And I am also happy because this shows that even in our church, we can find ways after a disaster, which benefits all parties concerned.It feels good to know that I can remain in this church and serve this church and the people in the fields of HIV and AIDS. I feel, it is a privilege to be able to do so. After 12 years of the privilege to be a chaplain to German speaking Communities abroad the next privilege. Or should I call it blessings?

This blog will accompany me in my new chapter of life – and it will continue to report about my work, my life, my thoughts – I hope it will be a good way in keeping in touch with many people I have learned to know in the last years and kept contact. It should stimulate discussion – and I already can see that it serves the purpose of getting in touch with people all over the world with similar or other thoughts.

I am grateful for everybody who gave me feedback so far or encouraged me to continue writing. Modern media and modern communication is indeed so helpful to exchange ideas and to meet people, one otherwise would never meet in a lifetime.

Five more Sunday services as the chaplain of a German speaking Catholic Community – the last being the farewell one. Besides all the good feelings I just described there is also sadness – of leaving this communities. For me, the personal contact with people of different back ground as you find them in a Catholic parish abroad was indeed a blessing. I learned so much – yes, I would say, that I learned more from all those who crossed my way in the last 12 years than they could learn from me… 🙂

It is 1.30 am in the morning, time to go to bed and I hope that today will be another splendid Capetonian winter day: 28 Degree Celsius, blue sky and no wind..  Another blessing…

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