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A blessed time

All friends and supporters of HOPE Cape Town and this blog a blessed Easter or Passah.

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Change of blog title

The reader will note that I have changed the blog title slightly. Naturally one has some thoughts about it, but I feel that all the words, this blog title includes make out big parts of my life.

GOD – having chosen the priesthood I guess everybody can assume that there is a connection and that I indeed believe that there is more to this world than we can see or hear or feel. Whether we get it always right in the church how we see, proclaim this last point of reference of our whole universe is another question. I am sure we can do much better and I am willing to try very hard to contribute to this.

AIDS – well, out of the blue this pandemic jumped into my life while visiting Tygerberg Children’s Hospital in 1998 and since then my name is associated with Aids activism here in Cape Town, but also within parts of the church.

AFRICA – a continent I heard about conscientiously when we were told not to buy goods from South Africa. “Don’t buy fruits from South Africa” was the slogan I also chanted as a youngster. Apartheid was a funny concept to me; growing up in a town where black people where rich people. Why? Because I lived close to one of the biggest US American Airbases in Germany and the “dollar” was still worth its money. During school and study I never could have imagined to live on this continent, let alone at the very bottom far away from home. Times have changed and Africa is in my heart and in my blood.

HOPE – well, not only HOPE Cape Town is part of my fabric of life, the meaning of the word was always important for me. I could not live without this feeling and longing for the better. I refuse to give up hope – and for me it is more than a feeling. I know that you have to reach out to the stars to get the utmost out of your life. Hope means always thinking outside the box with the certainty that there is always that “little more” to achieve and to get done.

Our lives have become so divers and blogging is a way of communicating this diversity and to connect and reach out without the limitation of national borders. Social media are indeed a force to recon with, but I am aware that we have still to learn as people how to make the best use of it. It’s like with all new inventions and developments; one has to learn to master them in a way beneficial to all.

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Translation in 54 languages – Blog Uebersetzung

Since today the blog “HIV, AIDS and HOPE” has added the possibility to automatically translate the page. Whether German, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Malay, Urdu – all is possible and with this, the author hopes that those not able to speak and read English are now able to follow this blog. The languages possible are: Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic , Armenia,  Azerbaijani , Basque , Belorussian,Bulgarian, Catalan ,Chinese (S),Chinese (T),Croatian,Czech,  Danish, Dutch ,Estonian, Filipino ,Finnish ,French ,Gallic , German, Georgian, Greek,    Hebrew, Hindi ,Hungarian, Icelandic ,Indonesian, Irish,Italian,  Japanese,Korean, Latavian, Lithuanian ,Macedonian,

Malay, Maltese,Norwegian ,Persian,Polish, Portuguese,Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese.





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Sorting out the social media…

Social media work is important in our days and I am in the process of get them all together in a way they make sense for me and HOPE Cape Town. So here they are for those who are interested:

HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust webpage:

HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust Facebook:

HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust Causes:

HOPE Cape Town Association Twitter:

Website Stefan:
http://www.stefanhippler.com (in 2 weeks ready to go)

Blog Stefan:

Twitter Stefan:

Facebook Stefan:

Enjoy and keep connected and comment whenever you feel like it. We are one.. as SABC 2 always says.. And it is all about communication

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Pope asks priests to get online, spread the Gospel

It is good to know that the Holy Father supports blogging:

CNS STORY: Pope asks priests to get online, spread the Gospel.

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