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Since today the blog “HIV, AIDS and HOPE” has added the possibility to automatically translate the page. Whether German, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Malay, Urdu – all is possible and with this, the author hopes that those not able to speak and read English are now able to follow this blog. The languages possible are: Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic , Armenia,  Azerbaijani , Basque , Belorussian,Bulgarian, Catalan ,Chinese (S),Chinese (T),Croatian,Czech,  Danish, Dutch ,Estonian, Filipino ,Finnish ,French ,Gallic , German, Georgian, Greek,    Hebrew, Hindi ,Hungarian, Icelandic ,Indonesian, Irish,Italian,  Japanese,Korean, Latavian, Lithuanian ,Macedonian,

Malay, Maltese,Norwegian ,Persian,Polish, Portuguese,Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese.





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8 days to go.. Gott-AIDS-Afrika in English

The book, originally published in the German language translated into English here on the blog. While the blog writer will be attending his duties “on sea” and working on a cruise-liner as the chaplain for 4 weeks, the reader here will have the chance to explore in February and March almost all chapters of the book in an English translation. Thanks to the person who has done the dedicated work of bringing German thoughts into an understandable English world of thoughts. Thoughts about the theology of AIDS, episodes of the life of patients and myself, encounters one cannot forget like the “last birthday” of the little Fareed, or “the silent death” of an employee to embarrassed about being HIV positive – small and big drama comes to life and shows the reality of HIV and AIDS in the context of my work as a priest and activist. I am very happy for every comment and feed back on this book, which changed my life quite dramatically.

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29.10.2009 A day to remember…

The 29.10.2009 is a special day for me – it is the day, where HOPE Cape Town was launched officially in 2001.  It was a day I remember clearly: the drive to Tygerberg with a guest in my car who just had been given a positive test result. Clem Sunter giving a talk for the 150 man/women strong audience, a priest, a rabbi and an imam giving the blessings, the invited sangomas who were not that welcomed in the “academic environment” at that time, the buffet done by the Rotary ladies afterwards.

A day not to be forgotten – it changed my life forever and 8 years later, I can say that nothing is as it has been before that time. HIV and AIDS, these topics seems today to be my destiny – my life portfolio and I get more and more the sense, that I am – after 8 years – not be at the end of my way but only at the beginning. And this is sometimes scary to sense, to feel and to know. It is a topic, a red line in my life now, that I have never called for, but that without asking entered my life and took over in so many ways. AIDS activist, condom priest, rebel in the church – how many titles did I earn in the last years – and how many in my own church feel uncomfortable to get associated with me? On the other hand: How much love, how much support did I get from all ways of life in the last years. How many emails, letters did I receive as an answer on my book, the talks and workshops, the sermons and whatever way I was asked to give input in this field of the pandemic.

curse and blessing – and all the grey areas in between – but one is for sure: This topic has opened to me a world I don’t want to miss anymore – this topic has given me the chance to meet people in a way, which one can call indeed real encounters of hearts and minds and souls. I don’t want to miss one of them.

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