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LGBT to be killed like mosquitoes – so the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh in an televised address. More here

Outrage about the imminent enactment of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda which will also undermine HIV prevention. Read more here

Motsoaledi announces free new contraception in South Africa – more info here

The Roman Catholic Church is starting to reflect on families – read here what blunt assessment the Japanese bishops have on this topic

Enjoy the read.

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Besides all the news about the bus bombing in Jerusalem today and the war games in Libya – Japan still maintains a role in the news on TV. And listening to the news about more and more radioactivity in food, in water, in the air and the evacuation of all workers of Fukushima Nuclear Plant I ask myself whether we really grasp the reality we are facing. Looking at the pictures of destroyed cities – empty shops, no electricity, no petrol: a whole system, praised as one of the most efficient and technology wise advanced nations has come to a still stand and the radioactivity in the nature and the sea will not go away soon. Most probably at least one generation will be constantly reminded of the disaster.

It is the second time, Japan is hit from the nuclear power – the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still vivid memories for the Japanese people.

I read from Bishop Williamson, that he connects the disaster with the sins of the people and that God uses such punishment to bring people to re-think their doing. What a nonsense – what an abuse of a catastrophe for a meaningless theology – abandoned in that form a long time ago. God protect us from those Pius-brothers, they are really a pain in the neck of our church trying to recover from all the bad news of the last years.

It seems that most people have lost the ability to comprehend what is going on – the consequences of natural forces and that within minutes, our ordinary life is gone – as the people of a nation, a community or also in a private capacity. It reminds me that also other disasters like HIV/AIDS seems to be so incomprehensible that one stops thinking really of it, because it is “the others”, not me, not us. It is far away – it cannot happen to me, to us, to our family. Or the question of the millions dying of hunger every year, while we throw away food and subsidies destroying food in the rich countries or for farm products never been sold.

For me, the Japanese tragedy reminds me, how short-sighted we are and how we push away all thoughts, which would mean troubling thoughts on a long term run. Which would push me to give answers on questions I don’t want to be bothered with… Which maybe ask me to acknowledge that this world is still “in creation” as the bible put it – not ready, not in harmony – and even not giving an answer to the question “why””.

Be the work in the fields of HIV/AIDS or be it the tragedy in Japan – I hope I led all these questions to bother me as long as I live and challenge me to search for new answers every day.

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Simply too much to digest…?

Sometimes there are indeed times, where I feel that there is too much to digest on information and news and task lying ahead. And the world as a global village with news aired 24 hours a day – how can one escape all the horrors and the non-logic of todays madness.
Japan – as it looks just escaped a complete meltdown of his nuclear reactor but thousands of deaths and a suffering almost unimaginable for a nation on the forefront of technology. So sophisticated and suddenly thrown into a chaos which means rebuilding of a nation and its facilities.  How does it come that we human mankind never accepts that we are not able to master nuclear power and that nature can beam us back into the stone age within hours. A lesson how to be humble again I guess, but a deadly and tragic one for those living on the island of Japan.
And seeing how in my home country suddenly politicians trashing just agreed longer running terms for the old nuclear power stations shows that even these tragic events are simply used for cheap daily politics.
Libyia shows also the double standards of politics – Saudi Arabia – involved in the crack down of the democracy movement in Bahrain, is part of the coalition of the willing – bombing started with no real strategy – and thanks TV we have it live at any given time.
The world is in a constant move in the moment – by nature, by political means – and we prepare for a world tour – for those into the logistics of this tour a real nightmare as routes have to be changed amidst real-time pressure. The ongoing drama of HIV/AIDS seems to be far away when each week brings new and exciting information about the Middle East region or Japan or any other political or natural disaster. It seems impossible to work on one front to ease the suffering of people when the next problem is already on the horizon, pushed by the modern media and its online websites, which only can sustain themselves if they chose new topics every hour to bring the reader back.

Maybe because events are unfolding so fast and the spectator has no chance but to digest the newest information, it is so important that some people stick to one topic and carry it over the time, reminding people again and again that new disasters don’t put away the unsolved ones. That is one of the reasons why I cherish what Joachim Franz and his team is doing – for the last 10 years. Sticking to one topic without losing compassion for actual problems. But insisting to carry on solving a suffering, which 33 million people worldwide effects and many more in a broader sense. Maybe because we are bombarded with so many different problems via the news we have no chance to give us the time to solve one for once and for all. I am convinced that all the money spend in Afghanistan and Iraq would have brought us closer to solve the problem of HIV and AIDS . We are getting half-hearted because there is so much to digest and our politicians and elected leaders try to jump on whatever they perceive to be the best bid for re-election. A vicious circle and surely not standing in the service of human mankind.

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