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The Day after the Ball of HOPE

Only people who are also in the business of preparing a gala event know what it means to sit there a day after the event and reflecting on it. All the adrenalin is gone and funny enough one feels drained and somehow empty inside. It seems that all energy is gone but still one cannot find real rest. “Are you happy with the Ball” I was asked several times the next morning, meeting people who slept over at the Westin Hotel and enjoyed their breakfast the very next morning. It sounded to me like a strange question: Yes, of course I was happy that it went without major trouble – all obstacles naturally coming up during such an event were dealt with as soon as Anja and I as the organizers were aware off. And yes, the entertainment program was great and the dance band got the people going – wonderful to see. But it takes at least a couple of days to recover and appreciate all what was happening that very eve. And to digest that for the first time in history, raffle tickets were sold out before all could get a chance to buy some. So amazing…
I am deeply grateful for all of you who joined this annual event on Saturday eve – I hope everybody had a wonderful time, enjoyed our Brooklyn Holy Cross Primary School Senior choir and Chelsea, our 9-year-old singer from Switzerland with her powerful voice , Katlego who did a marvelous job as an MC. And I also hope that you took home the knowledge how you fun that very eve meant hope and life and a future for so many less fortunate in the townships of Cape Town, being troubled by HIV, AIDS and TB and so many associated diseases. All and everybody present made a difference and had a personal impact on the life of somebody whom they never will learn to know in person. What a wonderful and powerful connection…

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Good news: Ball of HOPE in Cape Town booked out

This is indeed great news for the organizers and who ever could get hands on a ticket for the annual Ball of HOPE will not be disappointed: A great entertainment program, the introduction of a MC leading though the procedure of the evening, great food and a fantastic live band will make this evening an unforgettable one.
But this is also good news for the people, HOPE Cape Town is so compassionate caring for; all proceeds will give them more hope, more life, more joy and for some even an entire future. We often forget how little it takes to change the fate of a person to the good and every cent donated on this eve will translate into practical assistance and help.
I remember the first time in 1998 when the Ball, at that time called “dinner-dance” at the Mount Nelson was launched. Desmond Tutu was the guest of honor and spoke to us till the food was cold, but it was all in all a marvelous evening for 80 mostly German-speaking people. How far have we come since then and how grateful should we be for the journey of 16 years of this annual event. With the opening of the office of the Southern African – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the beginning of the new millennium in Cape Town, the “dinner-dance” was transformed into a real black tie affair. Anja Tambusso Ferraz as my partner in crime put her special stamp on the event and together we developed it as we went along. But all was only possible through the great support of so many people along the way – no way two people can stem an event like this without so many never officially mentioned colleagues, friends, partners, associates and supporters. The opening of the Westin Hotel gave us the chance to add to the number of guests possible for the event and so when we will launch the Ball of HOPE 2014 in a couple of days, there is again excitement paired with gratefulness to all and everyone supporting this charity in lieu of HOPE Cape Town. It is also good to know that the German-speaking Catholic Community remained faithful to this event all the years. There is a lot of German and German rooted influence in Cape Town and surely on the society side, the Ball of HOPE was a welcome addition to the social calendar of the mother city.
So welcome to all our guests from Cape Town, but also flying in from Germany and Switzerland for this event and let’s celebrate life and doing good at the same time.
Picture: 1998 the author and Archbishop Desmond Tutu @ the first “dinner-dance”









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